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Example Cult: Carnivale

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  • Example Cult: Carnivale

    What happens when you smash together Hotline Miami, Payday, Hitman, and one of the Arisen with a massive black budget? These guys.

    The Black List, Carnivale:

    Existing as little more than a rumor on conspiracy theory message boards and a nightmare for law enforcement, the group that calls itself Carnivale is a ghost in the shadow world of crime and espionage. Nobody knows who funds Carnivale or how they find and contact the professionals that comprise its Black List of members, but all these vague rumors conceal a group that operates with deadly precision. Four high-profile heists in the last year (three of expensive but largely unknown fine art, one of a traveling museum exhibit's bust of a recently-discovered pharaoh) have been tentatively linked to Carnivale, but leads seem to vanish into thin air and dogged investigators often wind up dead.

    One part world-class thieves, one part trained assassins, and one part living legend, Carnivale has no public face; even those experts on the Black List don't know other members identities, or who signs their checks. Most of them don't care to ask, and those that do find a swift exit from the organization, often winding up shunned or even targeted. Invitations find their way to notable players in the underground, offering exclusive contracts and massive payouts should they find success; many accept the invitation solely for the prestige and thrill, having already grown wealthy from their exploits elsewhere.

    One notable quirk of Carnivale is that their operations almost always involve the wearing of masks, usually those resembling wild dogs.

    Cult (8, Conspiracy): Reach 0, Grasp 5, Obedient, Paranoid

    Mystery Cult Initiation:
    1: Gain a Larceny Specialty of your choosing.
    2: Gain the Contacts (International Crime) Merit at one dot.
    3: Gain a dot in one of the following Skills: Subterfuge, Intimidate, Firearms
    4: Gain the Resources Merit at three dots.
    5: Your character is gifted one of the magical jackal masks of the Carnivale, imposing a -3 penalty on all mundane and supernatural attempts to connect her to acts and crimes committed while wearing it. This penalty does not apply while wearing the mask; rather, it makes her difficult to track down once it has been removed, usually after a heist or assassination.

    Remi. she/her. game designer.