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Example Cult: The Celestial Brotherhood of the Lemurian Truth

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  • Example Cult: The Celestial Brotherhood of the Lemurian Truth

    Not every Cult is good at what it does, but sometimes you just have to make do with the materials at hand.

    The Celestial Brotherhood of the Lemurian Truth:

    Countless innocent cults exist across the Western world, providing alternative spiritual guidance and excuses to behave oddly to all sorts of desperate or bored individuals. Born from the big New Age flap during the 1960s, the Celestial Brotherhood of the Lemurian Truth was a hodgepodge of misinterpreted Buddhist and crackpot "ancient astronaut" beliefs, the Brotherhood quickly faded into obscurity as a relic of a bygone age and a small commune of aging hippies... until several declining movie stars very publicly shacked up with its burnt-out gurus in rapid succession. Though publicly decried as either a publicity stunt or just celebrities being their usual eccentric selves, the paparazzi descended upon the Brotherhood's peaceful commune and relentless hound its baked members for profitably insane soundbites.

    The Celestial Brotherhood of the Lemurian Truth believes that superior energy beings came from deep beneath the earth and founded the lost nation of Lemuria (or Atlantis, or Mu, depending on who tells the story), interbreeding with its human nobles before leaving for the stars. To members of the Brotherhood, they are the reincarnated souls of these glorious half-breeds, and prepare themselves for the return of the superior beings by smoking copious amounts of pot and not doing a whole lot else. The cult's relatively young age (half a century is nothing to an immortal) and previous lack of use has quickly been eclipsed by the sudden surge of fame and attention, though a sudden place in the spotlight is not necessarily a good thing.

    Cult (2, Tribal) Reach 1, Grasp 1, Glamorous, Storied

    Mystery Cult Initiation:
    1: Gain an Specialty in Occult (Ancient Astronauts).
    2: Gain the Contacts (Paparazzi) Merit at one dot.

    The Cult has no further ranks of Initiation; it lacks any genuine occult power or resources to offer the faithful other than good weed.

    Remi. she/her. game designer.