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  • Mummy with one player

    I'm working my way through the players guide now. And so far I am really enjoying the setting of the game. I think I can get a one player game going. I just had a few questions regarding a one player Mummy game.

    Can it work with one player?
    What sort of things do you do in Mummy?
    Any random thoughts that would help my Chronicle?


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    Mummy is probably one of the best CofD games for a one-on-one chronicle. In Mummy, you play one of the Arisen, an amnesiac immortal from a lost prehistoric empire who serves distant gods known as the Judges; they rise when their tombs are disturbed, when their subservient mortal Cult calls upon them, or every 1,421 years, and have a limited time window (usually around one year or so) to act before their dwindling power runs out and they return to deathless sleep. One of the major narrative pillars of Mummy is the loss of identity; during a Descent (one of the Arisen's short lives), they often scramble to recover artifacts from their own pasts and are caught in plans of their own making that they no longer recall. I'd say Mummy's greatest strengths is it's ability for flashbacks, ostensibly spanning the entirety of human history; your chronicle might only span one year or so from today, but you can do scenes or entire plot arcs set in ehatever historical period catches your fancy.

    I'm a little pressed for time at the moment, but there's a prior thread stuffed full of answers you may find useful:

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      Yes, frankly I would probably -prefer- to play Curse with one player!

      Mage the Awakening 2e Communal Homebrew Threads:
      - Perils of the Path - Other homebrew threads linked in the OP!

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        There's hardly any other WoD system that's better suited for a solo game than MtC.


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          Originally posted by Morangias View Post
          There's hardly any other WoD system that's better suited for a solo game than MtC.

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            Originally posted by Vent0 View Post
            A strong contender, certainly, but I'd still give Mummy primacy in this regard. Promethean doesn't have to devote half a chapter simply to explain how a group may come into being.