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Example Cult: The Eternal Prosperity Society

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  • Example Cult: The Eternal Prosperity Society

    Alchemy has a long history in China, its existence documented back reliably to at least two thousand years ago and likely before. In many ways it is eerily similar to the alchemy of Western Europe, focused on the fundamental elements, the transmutation of other metals into gold, and the pursuit of immortality. China's first emperor famously consumed mercury at the behest of his alchemists in pursuit of eternal life, and while history has done away with the imperial court, alchemical traditions live on in the hearts of superstitious businessmen and Party officials. Behind a locked door on the highest floor (the eighty-eighth, to be precise) of a Hong Kong skyscraper, China's new elite mingle and seek wisdom from the lips of a Deathless sorcerer; they are the members of the Eternal Prosperity Society.

    According to them, they are the heirs to an unbroken line of enlightened scholars stretching back to Qin Shi Huangdi and his attendants, but the truth is their Arisen master has only been in Asia for a century and a half and this Cult only dates back to the 1980s. While the cult's legitimacy is a farce, the Mesen-Nebu that they pay allegiance to does pass on actual Iremite geomancy disguised as local feng shui, albeit hidden in a smokescreen of bogus numerology and ultimately useless elixirs promised to grant life eternal. The Eternal Prosperity Society members have their homes perfectly attuned to the flow of feng shui by the immortal alchemist and a handful of trained geomancers, keeping them safe and wealthy. Far more useful than the folk medicine and interior decor tips are the connections and favors afforded to the Eternal Prosperity Society, as the millionaires created by China's economic dominance share trade secrets among themselves and pay gracious 'donations' the the Cult's master. Membership in the Eternal Prosperity Society means connections among the most influential men and women in Southeast Asia, whose reach extends across the continent and the rest of the world.

    As a merit for an Arisen: Cult 14 (Conspiracy, Reach 5, Grasp 3, Blase, Glamorous)

    As a Mystery Cult for a mortal: Initiation is not extended to anyone with a Resources rating below 3, and members are usually millionaires, heirs to fortunes, or highly placed within the Communist Party and its many ministries.

    1: Members of the Eternal Prosperity Society are obsessed with all areas of Chinese occultism, but primarily learn about geomancy. Gain a Specialty in Occult (Feng Shui).
    2: The Society's membership are drawn from the Chinese elite, and newcomers quickly become immersed in a network of owed favors. Gain the Contacts (Chinese High Society) Merit.
    3: Proper feng shui wards the Society member's home at this rank, protecting it from intruders through supernatural means. Gain the Tomb (Peril) 2 Merit for one residence of your choice.
    4: The ebb and flow of prosperity becomes faintly visible at this level, as the initiate learns how to steal it from others. Gain the Thief of Fate Merit.
    5: Good fortune comes to members at this level of initiation, as fate conspires to bring them wealth. Members of this rank find their Resources inviolate and their rating in that Merit can never lower below where it was when this rank was purchased, with lost funds quickly return to them through implausible means.

    Remi. she/her. game designer.

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    Relic? (Two Dots): iUnveil

    This thing is a disquieting mystery to the Arisen, though the average modern mortal wouldn't give it a second glance: it appears to be a smartphone of recent make from a popular brand, and is indistinguishable from any other of its like save for a unique app installed on it that cannot be uninstalled. The phone never needs to be charged and cannot be powered off, and if the back is removed it is revealed to be filled with incredibly fine clockwork.

    Power: The smartphone acts perfectly normal save for the iUnveil app, which appears to be a photography app. It is wholly mundane save for the unique abilitity to pierce any and all supernatural disguises; it reveals the Arisen to the be ancient, withered corpses that they truly are beneath the swirling mask of the sahu. It may reveal other creatures as well, strange things in the dark forgotten by or unknown to the servants of Irem. This is automatic and requires no roll or action from the user save opening the app and viewing the screen.

    Curse: The iUnveil app requires the expenditure of a Willpower point for it to function in a scene. Strangely enough, no member of any Guild is immune to this, and Arisen users find themselves filled with a sensation that the phone is somehow wrong, the Sekhem within feeling artifical and unpleasant.

    Remi. she/her. game designer.


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      I noticed the Relic Curse is unusually tame. It makes sense for such an unusual Relic, but I feel we're missing out on interesting plot complications.



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        Indeed. What if it informs the target you "saw" them (either immediately, or delayed)? Or "leaks" the images randomly to media nearby?

        Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
        Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."