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Ammut the Devourer and the Wyrm from classic World of Darkness

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  • Ammut the Devourer and the Wyrm from classic World of Darkness

    Based on my limited knowledge of Mummy: the Curse, these two entities seem very similar. Could someone let me know if my first impression is accurate? Thanks.

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    They're kind of thematically similar in that they're cosmic forces of destruction and corruption and other Bad Things, but Mummy isn't part of the classic setting that has the Wyrm, so they aren't connected in any kind of in-character way.

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      Ammut is much closer to Oblivion/Grandmother than to the Wyrm.

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        And I know it's obvious, but just in case it needs to be said, Ammut draws from the mythological being Ammit, the devourer of the dead.

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          Perhaps more relevant to Mummy as a game, Ammut's role in Mummy: the Curse isn't really analogous to the role of the Wyrm in Werewolf: the Apocalypse or Apophis's role in Mummy: the Resurrection. It's not typically part of the divine charge of the Arisen to seek out and confront the hands of the Devourer, and they're not as ubiquitous or entrenched in the world as bane spirits. They're more like dangerous, cruel predators stalking the edges of the wilderness, and remnants of the long litany of dark works forgotten and waiting to be unearthed.


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            The Wyrm is a spirit of corruption. It does not adhere to the natural order of things and seeks to throw the wheel of Ages asunder. It infects and corrupts the other members of the Triat to ensure victory. It must defeat them utterly to 'win' in the fashion it desires ; no peace can exist between Weaver and Wyrm and Wyld now, because now is the time of war and sibling-killing. Once, the Wyrm was more noble and sane, but it has become an utterly twisted thing which has abandoned or modified much of its original purpose to suit the new world. And the new world interests it - chemicals, atrocities, any number of evolutions thrill the Great Wyrm and represent a catalogue of projects both completed and being understaken.

            Ammut is beyond such conceptions. Ammut not only adheres to the natural order of things, it DEFINES them. Ammut need not infect or corrupt anything. Indeed, Ammut gains servants not by approaching THEM, but by BEING APPROACHED. And people approach Ammut because of what she represents - the end. Ammut could care less about nuclear weapons or computers or child abuse or many of the other things that interest the Wyrm about the modern world. In fact, Ammut probably doesn't care about the modern world in the slightest.

            A Wyrm worshiper corrupts himself and the world around him to gain power and favor from his patron. In order to be beloved by the Wyrm, he must further the cause of the Wyrm in the great war of the triat.

            But a worshiper of Ammut is not doing the same thing. They are simply taking the portion that is accounted for Ammut... that is Ammut's -due- because all things must die... and instead of letting it wither away into nothingness naturally, they offer it as a gift. Prematurely. Ammut is inescapable and cosmic in a way that is utterly beyond the Wyrm, but one can still find favor with it by understanding the strange occult ways in which the world works. By offering sacrifice.

            The end of Ki-En-Gir brought with it a great sacrifice, a thing thrown into the maw of Ammut prematurely. And from that sacrifice came insight into further great sacrifices - even, the ultimate sacrifice. It's the same ancient ritual that Abraham nearly attempted, writ large. It's not anything Wyrmish, or wrong, or somehow outside the natural order. It's ancient. It's holy. It's older that human beings and it's the simplest, most powerful magic in the world if you understand it.

            This is the entire basis of the Rite of Return - Irem WILL die, so we will destroy it NOW. And instead of gaining nothing? We gain everything.