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Singers of the Nuclear Song (Mythos, Mystery Cult Initiation)

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  • Singers of the Nuclear Song (Mythos, Mystery Cult Initiation)

    Music is beauty and a calming balm that can soothe the shattered soul, but music can also be a sign an internal trauma and a mind riven by the stressors of life, great and small. Ever since there has been music, the investigators who find their lives wrapped up in the mysteries of the Mythos have been drawn to the siren call of melody and note. Some use it as therapy to try and escape the horrors they have seen. Others use it as an outlet for emotions and thoughts of which most people are blissfully unaware. For an unlucky few Mythos investigators, music itself is an object of research, hiding occult spells and unknowable secrets.

    Too often, investigators stumble upon the forces of the Mythos as a result of the horrible sight of a walking corpse. With time, they learn the distinctions between different types of reanimated beings and discover that not all of the risen dead are created equally. Some of them are very human, almost childlike, retaining none of the skills or memories of their former lives. In a way, they are like the Great Old Ones themselves, blinding causing panic and madness wherever they go. With time, they realize the impact they have on the humans around them. With patience and effort, they can even become human themselves.

    The Singers of the Nuclear Song are members of a Mythos cult who both recognize the sheer power of music, and who have had some contact with either Prometheans or The Principle that drives them. They identify Azathoth not only as a god of entropy and destruction but also a force of evolution and creation. Rightly or wrongly, they also conflate the Blind Idiot God with The Principle. Due to their comparatively vast occult knowledge of the Principle, some the Created have joined their ranks over the decades and have found the experience to be transformative.

    Initiation Benefits
    * To understand the esoteric knowledge that the Singers possess, one must continually refine their musical talents. The Initiate gains an Expression specialization in Music or a specific instrument if the Music specialization is already possessed.
    ** Even the music of the uninitiated is worth time and study to the Singers, so they aggressively network with other talent artists. The networking confers one dot of the Allies (Musicians) merit.
    *** The mind of the initiate expands, becoming more capable of understanding the motives that drive other beings, even if they are completely alien. Human initiates gain the Mind of a Madman merit, while Promethean initiates gain two dots of the Driven merit.
    **** The initiate further develops their awareness of the occult world around them. This may take the form of musical notes only they can hear, a certainty of what the Principle requires, or mad whispers from Azathoth himself. Human initiates gain the Omen Sensitivity merit, while Promethean initiates gain three dots in the Vivid Dreams merit.
    ***** The initiate has glimpsed far more of the universe than most people could hope to withstand, and amazingly, their sanity is still mostly intact. This rarified experience grants two Occult specialties, one in The Principle and the other in Azathoth. Once per scene, the initiate may reroll a single dice pool that uses either of these specialties, but must the initiate must accept the new result, even if it worse than the original. If the initiate already possesses one or both specialties, the Storyteller may allow a different specialty to be taken, but the reroll ability still only applies to dice pools related to Azathoth or The Principle.


    More to come, but I've been sitting on this idea for a while and wanted to get it out there. I am confident on the first four initiate levels, but I'm very uncertain about the ***** level. Sometimes I think its too bland and not unique enough, other times I believe that rerolls allowed per scene are overkill, even on such a niche topic.
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    Does the cult offer something unique to alchemists, or are they counted as mortals?

    Better yet - can sublimati join them?

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      Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
      Does the cult offer something unique to alchemists, or are they counted as mortals?

      Better yet - can sublimati join them?
      I would count alchemists as regular mortals. I would say that a sublimanti could theoretically join, but it would a challenging path. That said, the Singers would be an excellent catalyst for a sublimanti who is trying to become a proper Promethean.

      More to come.

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        The Singers of the Nuclear Song are technically a cult of Azathoth, but they are better described as a cult about Azathoth. They consider Azathoth to be the driving creative and destructive force, so they obsessively search for any historical documents or empirical data they can lay their hands on to understand the Blind Principle. In this way, they are more like archaeologists or quantum physicists than a traditional cult. The Singers as an organization seek a deeper understanding of the universe rather than power, magic, or destruction. They are particularly interested in how music impacts the mind and reality, as well as natural (or supernatural) phenomenon that create music spontaneously. It is the Singer's position that such music either emanates from the Azathoth-Principle, or is a byproduct of the starry court that tries to sooth the Idiot God.

        Views on the Supernatural

        Prometheans - The Singers see all Prometheans as heralds or messengers given life by Azathoth. To the Singers of the Nuclear Song, the Created who are undertaking the Pilgrimage embodied the ever-changing creative nature of the Daemon Sultan. Those who have strayed from the path to the New Dawn and have become Centimani are equally blessed, being in close communion with Azathoth's degenerating mind. None of this means that the Singers are immune to Disquiet in any way, just that they tend to manifest symptoms closer to obsession or jealousy rather than fear or anger. Despite this, the number of Prometheans within the cult is disproportionately high, as many Created find the opportunity to discover where they came from and associate with humans who understand what they are to be a siren's call to the cliffs.

        Pandorans- The Singers are less well informed about Pandorans than they are Prometheans, and often mistake the former for the latter. The possibility of a Sublimati joining the ranks of the Singers of the Nuclear Song would terrify most Prometheans, but it is theoretically possible. Such a Pandoran would certainly be a unique individual, and would likely be attempting to become a Centimani. It is up to the Storyteller to determine if such a thing is even possible, but if a Sublimati were to make an attempt at becoming something more by joining the cult, it would receive the same Initiation Benefits as a regular Promethean.

        Alchemists - Alchemists are highly sought out by the Singers, as they have tapped into the power of the Principle directly, making them important prophets to the group. Insatiate Alchemists tend not to survive very long in this cult. That's not to say that they don't try to join, but either their minds get broken down into nothing quickly, or they try something so dangerous that the rest of the cult puts them down. Some of them do figure out how to walk the razor wire, though, and other, wiser Alchemists join out of the desire and curiosity for knowledge. That said, this curiosity can lead them into dark places, and even if they don't care to attack Promethean's directly, a throng can still easily get caught up in their plots. Alchemists gain the same Initiation Benefits as mortal humans.

        Mummies - Few members of the Singers of the Nuclear Song are so unlucky to encounter one of Irem's mummies directly, but Iremite cults frequently survey the Singers for various reasons. For the Arisen and Shaunkhsen, the Singers are useful pawns. The stellar associations of Azathoth are familiar enough to the Arisen that they find it easy to infiltrate their own minions into Singers while the Shaunkhsen can relate to Azathoth's mindless destruction. Neither, however, can compete with interest that the Deceived show in the Promethean Song. The Akhem-Urtu see what the other Undying cannot, Seba are disproportionately drawn to the Singers like the moth to the candle flame. The Deceived obsessively watch the Singers, close enough that an unwitting Promethean catches a Mummy within a wave of Disquiet. Woe betide those who do.

        In the rare event a mummy actually joins the Singers of the Nuclear Song, they gain the following alternate Initiation Benefits:

        *** The Mummy's mind expands, but instead of becoming more sensitive to the minds of others, it becomes more sensitive to the universe itself. This leads the Mummy to discover a two-dot Relic.

        **** Rather than opening the Mummy's mind further, the notes of Azathoth's Court wrap themselves around the Mummy, veiling her from mortal eyes. The Mummy gains three dots of the Enigma merit.

        Werewolves - Typically werewolves have little to do with either Prometheans or Azathoth's minions, but there are exceptions. Spirits from deep space slipped past Luna's warding gaze, and atomic spirits arise with each new nuclear test launch. Both claim a connection to Azathoth's Spirit Choir deep in outer space. In Nevada, Oceania, and the hinterlands of Arkham the Uratha cooperate with the Singers of the Promethean Song towards shared ends: keeping the bizarre spirits in check while learning about their true nature. There are also rumours of a pack of Fire-Touched Pure who have joined the Singers and worship a Void Spirit as their Totem.

        A Werewolf Singer gains the following alternate Initiation Bonuses:

        *** The Werewolf grows more aware of the heralds of Azathoth. She gains two Occult specialities, one in Prometheans and the other in Void Spirits.

        **** Local spirits come to the consensus that the Werewolf is knowledgeable in a way most can never be. A Lune approaches on the spirits' behalf, allowing the Werewolf to increase their Wisdom or Cunning Renown by one dot. The spirits that appear to observe the ritual, however, have strange forms and don't seem to correspond to any Earthly phenomenon.

        A Wolf-Born Singer gains the following alternate Initiation Bonus:

        *** The Wolf-Born grows more aware of the heralds of Azathoth. She gains two Occult specialities, one in Prometheans and the other in Void Spirits.

        Hunters - Hunters and the Singers come into contact with one another surprisingly often, and even more surprisingly, they are usually working together. Only the most far gone Singers would dream of opposing Hunters, as the keepers of the Vigil often prevent destructive cults from wreaking havoc. It is not uncommon for members of the cult to directly work with, or even be a part of The Lucifuge, The Loyalists of Thule, Network Zero, or Null Mysteriis. The Singers have even coordinated with Habibti Ma to help dismantle other Azathoth cults, although the Singers are cautious never to reveal their true nature, lest they end up buried in the sand as well.

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