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Iron Skin Advanced and Epic for Non Beasts?

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  • Iron Skin Advanced and Epic for Non Beasts?

    So I am playing a Promethean, and I know some of the books weren't really written to all be played at the same time. But my Storyteller is running the 2nd editions, and I'd love to upgrade to the more advanced Iron Skin merits found in Beast, p. 117. There is an argument to be made to allow this, and hopefully one of the Beast writers (Rose Bailey, Dave Brookshaw, etc.) or the Promethean writers (Eric Berg, Dave Brookshaw, Steffie de Vaan, etc) will see this.
    1) I have seen online listings of the merit that seem to be updated on the book that was published, and does not say those merits are Beast only. Since these books are often written at different times, and not always meant to be cross merged, they are not always published for cross play, but that does not mean it doesn't work or that the designers would be opposed. Most of the online references to Iron Skin Advanced and Epic actually are updated beyond the book itself. I am well aware that online references are not always accurate.
    2) There are many merits for Vampires, Beasts, Werewolves, Mages, etc. that are very specifically designed just for those creatures based on the texts. I'm not trying to obtain those, no matter how useful they might prove to be. There is nothing in the text of Iron Skin Advanced or Epic that refers exclusively to it being something only a Beast could theoretically have, except in the print edition. Example A, Vampire: HAREM: A haven is a place where a vampire sleeps, protected from the sun during the deadly daylight hours. Example B, Werewolf - WOLF-BLOODED: Your character has blood relations with a lineage of werewolves, and the blood of the werewolf runs particularly strong in her. Example C, Mage: IMBUED ITEM (•• or higher): Your mage has a magical item with one or more powers. The Prime Arcanum was used to imbue a spell into the object so that its wielder has that power at his disposal. Example D, God-Machine: (The whole section on Supernatural merits, very clearly labeled specifically for humans) - These Merits require the character remain human (non-supernatural.) If the character becomes a vampire, ghoul, mage, or any supernatural character type, these Merits disappear. Example E, Beasts: SPOOR (• to •••••) Prerequisite: Cannot have Fame: Your Beast has developed a habit for dropping false clues as to her whereabouts. When she’s pursued by a Hero, Spoor kicks in to keep the Hero off the trail. As you can see, some of these could actually benefit a promethean, but cannot be taken because they specifically mention the type of creature that can get them in the descriptive text.

    So basically my question is, has this been addressed somewhere in a rules update, etc. by someone from the company? Allowable, or forbidden?


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    Allowed. They wanted them in the core book, but couldn't find the room.


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      Advanced/Epic Iron Skin does refer to the Beast-specific Anathema, but you could just make that fire for a Promethean. I don't see why you couldn't take it.

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