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[2E] Refinements changes times?

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  • [2E] Refinements changes times?

    I cannot see those in 2E corebook. I know that restarting Refinement, once you were on it before, should probably takes days at most. ( With returning to Stannum immediately. ) But what about starting total new one - one week at totally minimum? Two weeks? Or maybe characters can change Refinements at least in time of one day even? Based on Wasteland restrictions to changing Refinements, it's implying that Azoth 8-10 Created must changes Refinements daily, so I suppose it's the shortest time the Created need. Probably first ( or few first ) Refinement shift takes few days more, as character is starting to get used to changing Alchemy in it's body.

    And what is with Created in the time between Refinements? Is he assume to follow previous one, preparing to taking new? Or he is in state of 'no Refinement' for any intermission time? This question is important with how Transmutations works in 2E - if character is assumed to follow previous ones, he still can use his Transmutations. If he is only in 'no Refinement', it would mean he is limited only to those Calcified before.

    Taking both those things in consideration, I would assume that total minimum Refinement change time is one day, and that character is assumed to follow previous Refinement till the precise moment she starts next Refinement - so she can use Transmutations all the time. As Prometheans are connected to the Sun, I probably would join 'Refinement starting time' with next Dawn of Sun.

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    I don't know that I'd drop a Refinement to a one day duration. 1e had them at about two weeks, and with a larger transition time out of Stannum. I might even tie the changeover to Azoth, one or two days per dot. Likewise, I don't think the Wasteland rules imply such a fast turn, but rather impose a burden on par with Uratha and Kindred hunting schedules, making it difficult to sustain high levels. A Promethean has inherent means of reducing this interval, so isn't necessarily forced on to an accelerated schedule.

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