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Weaponizing Wastelands and Firestorms?

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  • Weaponizing Wastelands and Firestorms?

    It occurred to me that the Bale Hounds of W:tF might see use to Wastelands, if one were willing to argue that a severe-enough Wasteland creates a Wound at a locus point. An Ulgan's Wasteland especially seems like it would wear the Gauntlet thin, though I don't imagine that the Beshilu would be cunning or well-versed enough to take advantage of that. Are there other supernatural creatures who'd be interested in turning the more difficult-to-control aspects of Prometheans toward their own ends, in the event they learned of those aspects by happenstance?

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    The closest thing I've ever done to "weaponizing" either of those was deliberately initiating a massive Firestorm in the hopes of provoking an appearance by a Qashmal as a last resort to slow the roll of a rampaging True Fae. It worked, but it wasn't the kind of thing you can get away with doing every day.