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    A perennial favourite topic for all gamelines: has there been any news on suppliments for Promethean 2e and what is on your wishlist?

    Here's some thoughts:
    - Player's Guide: More types of Albemics, Anathors, and merits are always welcome. It would cool to get some guidance or ideas for playing a post-New Dawn human in a Promethen or Crossover Chronicle as well.
    - Storyteller's Guide: Demon's STG would be a great foundation to work from for this one. System hacks for different types of genre games would be welcome, as would further exploration of what The Principle may or may not be.
    - Night Horrors: Witness the return of the Zeka and the Clones!

    CofD booklists:
    Beast I Changeling | Geist l Hunter l Mummy | Promethean

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    I think a Storyteller's Guide is more important to Prometheqn than any other gameline, as the Pulgrimage narrative requires so much effort and trust. Plus, it would be a handy place for some of the hacks and Shards that the community often cries out for; the contentious "why do I have to become human?" question can be tackled in a way that doesn't undermine the 'canon' gameline, thereby making both sides of the argument happy.

    Other than that, anything that gives me new Lineages and their Bestowments to play with is a good thing; it's always felt too limiting as-is, and one of the many countless highlights of Dark Eras is that.

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      I feel like a lot of material was covered well by first edition. I guess now that powers are different we could use some expansion there, and I'd love to see example Extempore with it as well