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  • Promethean Character Concepts

    Hey guys,

    I just thought it would be insightful and fun to list some character concepts or ideas for everyone to pull from. I am running a chronicle soon for a group that has never played Promethean so I've been brainstorming ideas to throw out to them during character creation. Here is one to get things rolling.

    • A Mekhet vampire has been stalking and grooming a mortal for the embrace. He chose them for their personality. They know about postmortem and want to embrace their new child with their death to make sure they let go of their old self... They prepare the body with herbs, candles and an assortment of occult objects. Good news is that they came back... unfortunately they are far from the same person.

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    Here is Medusa, my favorite Promethean any of my players ever came up with.
    • She was created to fulfill her creator's needs. A lonely Galateid, he thought the only way to find true love would be to make his own. They were happy, for a time, when they were together, but eventually he came to realize that creating the perfect lover completely bypassed his learning to be human - because part of being human is loving someone for all their flaws, and finding someone who loves you back conditionally. He left her, selfishly, to find her own path. All she wanted was to be somebody's lover, to love and to be loved, because that's what she was created to do. She was used and abused, time and again, by men, by women, a beautiful, perfect lover who threw herself into people's arms only to be thrown away when they were done. Eventually, she snapped. She threw away her quest for love and embraced hate instead, seeking to become human by rejecting what she was made to be. She named herself Medusa, after the Greek monster of old, and she had begun her path to humanity on the Refinement of Tin.