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Additional Bestowments in 2E?

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  • Additional Bestowments in 2E?

    Am I remembering correctly that in 1E you could buy additional bestowments? The vitriol cost chart in 2E doesn't list bestowments are being available for purchase. So can you purchase additional bestowments in 2E per RAW? Otherwise, what would you charge for cost if you were to allow them?

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    Yes, 1e allowed extra Bestowments. No, 2e doesn't. Yes, I have a hack that addresses this. However, I don't stop with additional Bestowments; my hack is designed to allow Prometheans to pick up Boons, too. Specifically, Promethean Boons salvaged from 1e's Athanors and retooled to use Pyros instead of Reagent.

    Boons and Bestowments are Lineage-based. I allow one free Lineage-appropriate Bestowment or Boon at every odd dot of Azoth (1, 3, 5, 7, 9); or you can go with a non-Lineage Bestowment or Boon instead by expending one Vitriol when you become eligible for a Bestowment or Boon. (I also just call them Boons, as I see no mechanical difference.)
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      A homebrew three-dot Merit available only at character creation (following the Giant Merit's example) to allow the Promethean to start with one more Bestowment sounds reasonable. Or a homebrew rule allowing a Promethean in a Branded throng to purchase the Bestowments of his throngmates with Vitriol. These two are ones I'd go for personally.

      MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E