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Getting ready for a new game - thoughts appreciated!

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    Zita sounds like a character I'd wish I'd come up with myself.


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      I nerfed the Pandorans significantly.

      I basically made the recommended Attribute dots under Rank into the amount of character dots, period, to distribute on their character sheets. I checked the percentage of dots that normally went into something -

      0.15 - Primary Att
      0.13 - Secondary Attribute
      0.11 - Tertiary Attribute

      0.20 - Primary Skill
      0.13 - Secondary Skill
      0.08 - Tertiary Skill

      0.20 - Merits

      And then took the amount of dots suggested in the Ranks and split them by those percentages. I also, then, made the 'maximum attribute for int/man for Sublimati' the maximum attribute, period. So the result is that Rank 1 Pandorans are basically just Goddamn Bats, and Rank 5 Pandorans are actually very powerful entities. But we don't have any of that weird 'basically a minor deity' thing going on. But my Lilith -can- turn into a Giant Snake and eat people's souls. I mean, 30 dots of Dread Powers is still pretty intense.