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1E Promethean Campaign Convert to 2E?

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  • 1E Promethean Campaign Convert to 2E?


    Has anyone ran through the campaign given in the 1E books? Thoughts on it? Should I skip or edit some of them?

    PDF - To the Flame
    1st - Water of Life
    2nd - A Sheltering Storm
    3rd - Strangers on a Hill
    4th - To the Wastes
    5th - These Mortal Engines

    I was going to run it in 2E though, just updating the NPC's and other numbers. And advice regarding converting the material?
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    Couple thoughts:
    • To the Flame isn't very good, IMO. There's nothing actively bad, just not much there. Consider adapting this as a side story during another section, maybe during To the Wastes.
    • Water of Life introduces an alchemist as a recurring character, who now have official stats in 2E. You may want to update his stats and decide whether he has any connections to the official alchemist groups in 2E.
    • A Sheltering Storm is heavily based on the way Wastelands work in 1E, namely that they form automatically whereas they can be avoided in 2E. It's not a huge issue, but maybe come up with a justification for why Papillon's camp works the way it does in 2E mechanics.
    • Strangers on a Hill might invite some reconsideration of what Lighthouse's deal is. Maybe he's an Extempore and his special Bestowment automatically induces an Elpis Vision in others.
    • To the Wastes features a scene where the PCs have to watch a group of humans slowly die and can't possibly save them. I've never heard of any group that enjoyed playing that scene as written. Consider altering the pacing here, depending on what level of bleak/serious your group is into.
    • These Mortal Engines features a Zeka, who don't have 2E mechanics. That might be a little extra work to convert his Transmutations and Bestowment and stuff. Also, the climax features a depiction of the God-Machine that doesn't fully gel with where they ultimately took that idea in 2E, but you could take it in many different directions if you want to alter it.
    • If I remember correctly, there's some recurring stuff about clones, which also don't have 2E mechanics. Decide whether you want to use the 1E idea or adapt them to something different.

    2E Legacy Updates
    Brotherhood of the Demon Wind
    Choir of Hashmallim (plus extra Summoning content)
    Storm Keepers


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      Clones were basically pseudo-promethean-pandoran things controlled by an alchemist in the first place. Easy enough to rig that up.

      There were bits at the very end that seemed to include giant God Machine gears in Detroits' underbelly. Might need to rethink those parts, since the God Machine and Principle are utterly unrelated now. Or go into the God-Machine and hack it until qashmallim and angels become kissing cousins.


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        Or just say that the “arch-qashmal” was in fact an Angel of the God-Machine, and leave everything else as is.


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          Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
          Or just say that the “arch-qashmal” was in fact an Angel of the God-Machine, and leave everything else as is.
          "Hi, I am Exampiel. I'm filling in for Phil the Quashmal as part of a work exchange program."

          Or swap the two. Whatever.

          Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
          Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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            It's worth noting that the one qashmal that appeared in Saturnine Night was exceptional: for instance, he/she/it was neither Elpidim nor Lilithim. No details have been given as to what it was, though. That, and it appeared when the God-Machine Infrastructure started up. It has all the earmarks of being an Angel that was created by an Occult Matrix.

            No substitutes are needed.


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              Eh... I feel that kind of swapping undermines the story - if you substitute the arch-qashmal (a major revelation of the Principle for Prometheans at this point) for an angel, it hurts the chronicle. I wouldn't recommend it at all, personally.

              EDIT - but this is getting off topic now. Clearly, the OP is going to need to make some changes in some way to this particular story, either by ignoring the changes to the God Machine at this point, or by changing the quashmal, or something. But what those changes are is going to depend on how zer's story is unfolding, not our personal preferences here.
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                This is actually coming up in my chronicle, kinda, since I ran the Water of Life chronicle years ago and my current chronicle is finding some of the aftermath (like the camp in New Orleans).

                So, for the camp, it's true that Prometheans don't automatically cause Wastelands anymore, but look at the list of things that do cause them (or cause them to Fester). Milestones can do it, spending Pyros can do it, forcing Elpis Visions can do a throng of like 4 Prometheans staying in one place for a while probably isn't going to do it. The camp, though, was a couple dozen, and that's going to escalate things, I'd think.

                As for the arch-qashmal and the God-Machine, yeah, Saturnine Night was written long before Demon or even God-Machine Chronicle, so there's a little ret-conning that might have to happen. In my games there is a connection between the God-Machine and the Principle, but that's as may be. Nothing says that the arch-qashmal and the God-Machine's apparatus weren't separate phenomena, one building on the other in Detroit.



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                  A question to ask is whether your players can distinguish between an Angel and a Quashmal without you outright telling them.



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                    This. In Promethean, I doubt they can. And if they did notice some oddities (like if they could somehow tell if it's an Elpidim or a Lilithim and it doesn't register as either), they might chalk it up to being some weird aberration rather than a whole different class of being.

                    Also worth noting is that GMC appears to have used Engines of Creation as a prototype of Infrastructure and Occult Matrices; so I don't have any problem saying that it is Infrastructure and an Occult Matrix — and thus that the radiant being summoned by it is an Angel, not a qashmal.


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                      I ran them through To the Wastes first. I figure they need to hit some milestones and cause some disquiet first. Since it is the most railroady of the games to get that one out of the way first. They did have fun in the slaughterhouse and less so in the mines.