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Benifits and drawbacks of creating multiple offspring

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  • Benifits and drawbacks of creating multiple offspring

    Way I see it, the only reason to only create 1 Promethean on your pilgrimage, is guilt.

    not wanting to inflict the horror that is existence as a promethean on more individuals then needed to relace oneself...

    any other reason?

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    Each attempt at creating children requires you to acquire corpses, finding raw materials may take a long time if you have specific requirements (such as a flawlessly beautiful corpse or someone who died in a specific way) or require you to carry a half-dozen corpses around while you look for one with a good brain to complete your Frankenstein. If you're finding these corpses, you may have to deal with hostile attention from ghosts, Sin-Eaters, and a wide variety of entirely mundane people who don't appreciate people corpse stealing. If you're making these corpses, you will be attracting ten times the hostile attention.

    Once you have your material, you will still have to go through the ritual, which may create Pandorans (who will try to eat you) or create a firestorm (which will destroy your stuff and attract investigation).

    Don't forget that guilt can be a very strong motivator especially when you have first hand experience of the suffering that you're inflicting on others.


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      Father Mazda (a 1e Osiran) is obsessed with the generative ritual. One would presume he's quite the brood of 'offspring', both Pandoran and Promethean.


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        Even if you don't care about the suffering you're inflicting on your "child", they will- even if everything goes well, creating a Promethean carries a high risk of literally making your own worst enemy, especially if you make enough that you start to neglect them.