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I would like to create an A.I (Extempore)

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  • I would like to create an A.I (Extempore)

    Can you help me ? I try to create an Extempore - Artificial Intelligence without a body, for my Tokyo chronicle (Demon/Promy/Geist crossover). Someone lost in the internet, a ghost in the machine...
    Do you have ideas ? Which powers / humour ?
    I want to creates something different from Unfleshed / android concept (because there is another Unfleshed PC).

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    Does the Extempore have a physical body? Or is it entirely digital?

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      Digital without body.


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        Originally posted by batro View Post
        Digital without body.

        I'm... not sure how that would work as a Promethean. All their mechanics assume they're physical beings. The are literally alchemical crucibles.

        How would this character interact with other PCs?

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          Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
          How would this character interact with other PCs?
          ​Via the Internet?

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            Would something like Ultron from Marvel Comics, an AI who shifts through multiple mechanical bodies, suffice as a compromise? Because like glamourweaver said, Prometheans are still assumed to have a physical presence one way or another. And Promethean or not, it'd be difficult to play a purely incorporeal character when everyone else is corporeal.

            Hmm.. a spirit or ghost best emulates AI in current ChroD mechanics, but they aren't exactly playable characters. Nor do they quite fit Promethean thematically.

            A "solid hologram" made of data could do. Weird as hell, but that's what Extempores are for. One of its Endowments would allow it to temporarily dissipate into data and enter computers and even the internet, gathering information and even popping out of different machines (like that Demonic Form power from Demon). The other Endowment could be something that gives it superb hacking abilities, data mining abilities, excellent faculty with calculation and numbers in general, or just a boost to the Computer Skill. No idea what its Humour would be called, but it would make the Extempore perceive everything as sum of its information and no more. Naturally, then, in Torment the Extempore would feel that itself too is nothing more than numbers, never a person.

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              He can talk with computer interface. He can act through machines / internet. I think it's interesting to push the bondaries, and try something else.
              Humour = Data. He will be lost in the Matrix with Torment.
              Bestowment = Virtual body. Give some free Merits (Sleepless, Contacts - internet, Alternate identity, Anonymous... ) and the Electrification Transmutation instead of one of the two beginning powers. The player wants the Aurum alchemical way. And perhaps he can use differently some Alembics, because without body we need to change some details.
              He will not have Physical Attributes and Skills.
              What do you think?


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                You know, maybe making him as a Promethean is the wrong idea? Sure, he's on the Pilgrimage. Yes, the New Dawn is a genuine possibility. Sure, he inflict Disquiet and emanates a Wasteland. But....he's actually built as a data-spirit 'native' to the Internet!


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                  How would the New Dawn work? Like the girl from Tron: Legacy?


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                    If you have the Beast Corebook, it talks about a digital singer on the verge of becoming an Extempore that could be similar to what you want.


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                      Reminds me of Dr. Theopolis from the buck Rogers television show.