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  • How do I feel - literally

    I have been searching and searching for answers to the subject of touch and there are many conflicting accounts in the books with no straight answer. I understand completely two things: First that a Promethean exudes an aura that makes them appear like normal human (setting aside Disquiet) and second that a Promethean can feel thru the illusion knowing to themselves they are artificial or dead flesh.

    Now, the question is whether the illusion of humanity extends to the sense of touch by others, or if another can pierce the illusion with touch. Is the illusion more of a visual based illusion or does it affect all senses?

    For example, in many descriptions of Galateids, they are often depicted as being passionate or sexual creatures. So for a partner, do they think they are sharing the bed with a human who seems a bit off-putting, or do they feel the body of dead flesh beneath their caress?

    If you found yourself hugging a Unfleshed does it feel like you are hugging a human and getting heebie-jeebies, or does it feel like you are hugging a creepy clockwork mannequin from a department store?

    There is the account of the Frankenstein who felt dead to the touch, but was that the Disquiet, or would someone actually feel the stitches that piece him together even though they don't "see" them with their eyes?

    And of course that always brings up the question of sex. If they are built of human bodies or built anatomically correct then they have the parts, sure. But the question arises of whether that reanimated flesh ever gets urges. Or alternatively, the Divine Fire animated the body with urges and desires and emotions a Promethean may not understand or know how to control. Nothing ever said sexual desires didn't make the list. I had a tendency to think that the flesh doesn't rise to the idea of sex especially since it was said they can't procreate naturally, but then stories of the Scion offspring of Promethean made me second guess that completely.

    To me, I think how a Promethean is perceived by all senses is important to proper role play. I also think understanding how a Promethean feels about being touched, or intimated with, are huge in deciding motivations and behavior and relationships with other characters. I have been quite indecisive about how to play the physicality of my character for a while now and part of that is being ever aware of the effects of my Disquiet. But the other part is largely not knowing what another PC or NPC might take away from the simple touch of my hand, or what I would take away from it for that matter.

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    I believe the illusion of humanity is absolutely until Disfigurements show through.

    Remi. she/her. game designer.


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      Originally posted by atamajakki View Post
      I believe the illusion of humanity is absolutely until Disfigurements show through.
      Then maybe disquiet manifest and some lingering effect of subconsciously peering over the disguise could explain the different conditions.


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        I would assume you have a mature group since you are playing this game and not some hack 'n slash monty haul D&D game.

        You aren't rotting corpse(s) and there is your illusion that hides your disfigurement - I believe it includes all normal human senses. Outside of disquiet or some kind of supernatural sense, humans don't see through that.

        As far as sex goes, that really is up to the individual Promethean - but yeah Aurum Galateids are the most likely to wrestle with those types of issues. Are you asking if Prometheans are capable of sexual desire or even orgasm? Probably not. It isn't covered in the book, but I think it would all just be an act. Something for them to explore, but never experience. Think of it as a reward for becoming human maybe. It's your chronicle, but I would just handle it like another facet of humanity to learn about.


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          While it's true that the ultimate purpose of heterosexual intercourse is procreation, the illusion of humanity likely allows Prometheans to engage in sex. I always read the clause of their infertility as being just that: infertility. Unless your character's specific disfigurement involves those organs (Osirans are eunuchs usually) I don't see reason to exclude the exploration of one's sexuality (or lack of thereof) in the quest for the New Dawn. Whatever complications may arise from your character's exploration is the purview of your ST.