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Atmosphere and prop usage

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  • Atmosphere and prop usage

    So this is more of a general question.... Does anyone use candles or dimming lights for atmosphere? What kind of music best fits Prometheans theme of isolation and reconciliation? Any prop usage during games? I don't want it too distracting, but I would like to add to the mood for the game.

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    I'd use music. Pick theme songs for particular, important npcs. Candles are fire hazards, and dimming the lights to the point where you can't see your sheet is counterproductive. But there's a point when you put in the npc song before you narrate their appearance and the light up in recognition of your players will feel amazing.

    Oh, table rule? Put the cellphones in a basket. Nothing cuts immersion like having your players constantly checking FB.


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      Any music that you can suggest? Usually just using Lustmord for ambience.


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        Penny Dreadful has a lush emotional bleakness - and yes, lush bleakness is a contradiction, but one it pulls off very well - that works for Promethean.

        I second not dimming lights. At any level low enough to be atmospheric, it has far too much risk of becoming annoying instead.


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          Lighting depends entirely on the scene in question and what setup you have available. For aggressive isolation combined with exposure, the old floodlight from above in a dark room (classic interrogation scene) works great, but you can't always pull that off in a home.

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