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(The Brothers of the Harvest) a 2ed antagonist idea

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  • (The Brothers of the Harvest) a 2ed antagonist idea

    Awhile ago, i posted a thread here regarding a antagonist idea called The Brothers of the Harvest. I have finally gotten around to typing information about them. I want to here your guy's opinions on them.

    There are many dangers a Promethean must face while on her pilgrimage to gain the humanity they so seek and desire. One of the more prevalent dangers they could face are The Brothers of the Harvest, a fraternal order of farmers and other men of agriculture. While mostly centered at small farming communities, Prometheans have encountered the Brothers as far as Honolulu, Hawaii. The Brothers are led by an alchemist called The Great Brother, who lives in England. Unlike most Alchemists, the Great Brother and his cronies want to use the Divine Fire within all Prometheans for a seemingly more simple reason. They want to use the life force within the flame to grow healthier and bigger crops.

    The exact founding date of the Brothers is unknown. Prometheans however, have been encountering them since the 17th century. From what Prometheans who cared about researching this threat uncovered, The Brothers were founded as a place where farmers could meet and discuss their harvests and how much money they would make off of it. Further research done by either Prometheans or by members of the Brothers dictates that the first alchemist to join the group showed up in 1680 and introduced the farmers to the ritual to which all Prometheans fear being captured for. This ritual involved kidnapping a Promethean, stabbing her multiple times with special daggers coated in an alchemical solution, and burying her body underneath the ground of a corn field. As the flame within the body burns out, it’s life-giving essence would fertilize the ground, giving the crops life for a whole other year. To the horror of most Prometheans, this ritual seems to work.

    Starting in the 1800s, the group became more religious, revering the Sun, The Moon and, to the horror of the Tammuz lineage, their own progenitor, Tammuz. This dedication to Tammuz has led to The Brother to particularly seek Tammuz’s lineage and recreate the ritual the fertility god had to go through every year. They especially like to recreate this ritual on the Harvest Moon, where they revere both Tammuz and the Moon on the same night which they hold as holy.

    The Brothers are mostly encountered in England and in America. The Brothers showed up in America after following the Puritans and other settlers to the New World. There, they practiced their arts in secret in fear of persecution. The Brothers nowadays are mostly secretive and only recruit people recommended by other members of the club. They almost never allow non-members to witness their rites and rituals. To Prometheans everywhere, they will continue to be a constant threat to their existence.

    What do you guys think?

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    Pretty good.

    If they need expansion, I had vague ideas about Pryos connected plants, and stringing Prometheans up like scarecrows instead.

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      Ooh, nice. Maybe their crops provide Pyros when prepared the right way, giving the Prometheans an incentive to keep them around for future exploitation?

      I wonder what happens when the Brothers bury Pandorans...

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        Thanks for the suggestions so far. I am already picturing one storyline that crosses over with Werewolf where a cell of The Brothers start to worship a Lune. Also, I would like to hear your mechanics Vent0.


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          Originally posted by Killerclown View Post
          Also, I would like to hear your mechanics Vent0.
          Nothing really mechanical in mind so far. The idea of crucified Prometheans slow-dripping their Pyros into the crops. Plants linked to them so that they react when the sympathetic Azothic flare signifies another Promethean is nearby. Produce that shares the Promethean ability to subsist on anything organic. Or plants with the effects of Transmutations (on them, not conferring it as potions would).

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            I ran a story where an agricorp was testing a crop additive derived from captured Vitriol to alter soil pH. Seemed like it was working fine, up until the players sparked a Firestorm and the crop uprooted itself to attack the town. There were suggestions in one of the books about Pyros-addled plants and animals (some Greek word starting with a "k", which escapes me), though it broke down to reskinned Pandorans, so it's easy to replicate. That's a potential downside to watering your lawn with the ichor of the divine.

            You could expand the idea a little bit. Osiris was also a fertility/farming god, perhaps using a Nepri in the ritual ensures good rains for a season. You might also consider how the cult evolved alongside the Grangers in the US, or how they deal with the decline of the family farm in the era of agribusiness, or if there's a place for them in urban farming movements. Also consider that farming relies heavily on migrant workers in the US, and that some of their secrets might have crossed back into Mexico and Canada as well.

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