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Ideas for Alchemist Trap's?

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  • Ideas for Alchemist Trap's?

    have a game im going to try restarting on Rpol

    Am wanting to set up an alchemist trap, thats clever, and he has good reason to think of as "Foolproof"

    but that has something in it the PC's can exploit.

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    Can you give more details? Like, is it more than just a Athanor under a box with a stick and pull cord?

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      Im wanting on ideas on a Trap, a Evil genius alchemist would think was unescapable...

      but that has a flaw he can fail to see, and still qualify as a genius...

      An idea is he doesnt know all the alchemys the promethean has...

      another idea, is some of the tactics in Hurt locker.
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