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    I'm a Mage ST that happens to own all the 1e Promethean books.

    I'm thinking of running a Promethean game for a single PC friend of mine. Does the Chronicle in 2e lend itself to single PC play? Should I get 2e? Any other advice for me?

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    2e is a pretty massive improvement all around in terms of mechanics. I'd say emphatically yes, and that it would work super well for one on one play.

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      Seconding what Lex said. 2E is a huge improvement, textually, especially because it somehow, to my eyes, manages to inject a little more hope and a little more beauty. At low Azoth, for example, you're almost never going to be causing Disquiet unless you elect to take an Exceptional Success and farm the Condition for the Beats. Transmutations are elegant bits of mechanics that are also incredibly powerful and can make the Created feel wondrously god-like.

      Promethean 2E is probably one of the games best-suited to just being a one-on-one game, especially given Milestones. I prefer to run Milestones as choices rather than signposts. There's no right way to be a person, so there's no right way to tackle a Milestone. One-on-one, Milestones can become conversations about what player, Storyteller, and character value, about what existence and their place in it means to them.

      EDIT: The 2E versions of the Refinements also help get across the idea that they're as much states of mind as constructed philosophies, and it emphasizes experiencing as many Refinements as you can before the New Dawn to get a fuller comprehension on being human. The fact that the Refinements have tangible psychological, physical, and mystical impact on the character gives them the feel of paths on a road to enlightenment, in which case Transmutations become power born of understanding.
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        You should absolutely get 2e. I believe that so much I'm just going to hyperlink to it in this sentence. All of the 2e books have been amazing, but Promethean 2e is my pick for the best of the lot, closely followed by Mage. It is an absolute stunner. The only critique I have is that the signature settings are too brief, but that is a stylistic difference that I have and likely won't impact your game. Everything that was challenging for the ST to create an effective Pilgrimage and choose Milestones in 1e has been ironed out. The game flows much more smoothly. And Prometheans feel like alchemical creatures more than ever.

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          Listen to the guys - they know their stuff.
          Although I might just be saying that because I 100% share their point of view. Being part of a Promethean game is immensely fun, and promethean is certainly a game that works very well with even just 1 Player


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            So what my player decided was to play a brass clockwork Unfleshed Plumbum in the Dark Era of the Black Plague.

            Anyone have any advice or ideas for me?


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              What are Torment and Elpis? For that matter, what is the concept beyond his starting path and x-Splat? That would inform us a lot about the character and how they relay to themselves/the world at large. Have they chosen a Role they want to start on? Have the player answer The Five Questions from the book. What is the general mood and theme of your game?
              Are there any particular Refinements they sees themselves going on? Are there any where you think those would be fitting for the character, they should experience before attempting New Dawn? Think about some Milestones you want to include at some point: How will the Unfleshed react to having spread the Plague without being affected, for example. Being discriminated against for being different, being treated nicely due to being a pilgrim (note low-case p) could be interesting experiences. Is the Created to learn the meaning of Humility? Compassion? Passion? Agression? (Natural) Mob mentality?
              As for Plumbum, you might want to include meeting another Pilgrim, maybe, or give a situation in which the Created can study the Divine Fire in depth. Maybe have them see/experience/cause a Firestorm?
              What role do Quashmalim play in your chronicle? You might want to decide on that.
              What concepts does you player want to explore and dive into? Is this going to stay in that Era, or will you move into other Eras, too?
              Since he chose that Era, death, illness and dying might play a theme. The topics of abandonment and religion (and thus also guilt and punishment) at that time might also be coming up. A human chooses to stay back and care for an infected family member, friend or lover, despite this being a clear death sentence. What will witnessing this do to the Promethean? People burn bodies of their loved ones, even though it is a hard choice for them, a painful choice. What does that do? The butt monkey of the village, who has been abused horribly, got infected, but hides it to spread as much as possible in a last act of vengeance. Watch and learn, or prevent that? Maybe, however, support them in their quest? Why that choice, not another one?
              How does the Promethean see these things, how do they understand them?

              What made the player chose the era? Why Unfleshed Clockwork? Those answers could give you a few starting points.
              Gender played a different role back then, so depending on what your player's character is, you might want to account for that - if that is something you guys are interested in.

              Arcanist I hope linking to the Muddy Waters threads are okay, since I think the way you approached these things was awesome. So: Might want to check out the OOC Muddy Waters thread, just the first few pages. Of even more interest might be this thread: this is what resulted in the PbP, after all.

              Just some food for thought.
              Sorry for wall of text.


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                Wormwood I certainly have no objections to it! If it can help, I'm more than happy to share. Besides, there are too few Promethean Actual Plays to read.

                Originally posted by Johnny Awesome View Post
                So what my player decided was to play a brass clockwork Unfleshed Plumbum in the Dark Era of the Black Plague.

                Anyone have any advice or ideas for me?
                One of the main things influencing the Promethean's personality is their Humour, which is determined by their Lineage. Unfleshed possess the Humour of Oil, which makes them naturally inclined to being servile. The Unfleshed are also defined by possessing a function, they were built for a purpose, whether they have a Promethean Genitor or a human Demiurge. Oil is not necessarily just the stuff running in a machine, it could be bitumen, it could be olive oil, whatever form it takes could influence their personality.

                Plumbum is the Refinement of Source, it is the Refinement that commands you to "Know Thyself". You cleanse yourself for the Great Work by accepting what you are. The master of Plumbum purifies themselves, and then they move on to find other Created in order to help them. Their Transmutations give them increased control over their body, their Azoth, and their effects on the world. They look to where they have been, so they become the keepers of Created history, such as it is. They record Rambles and stories, myths and legends. They bring Throngs together. Prometheans of Plumbum keep their loose society together.
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                  Originally posted by Johnny Awesome View Post
                  So what my player decided was to play a brass clockwork Unfleshed Plumbum in the Dark Era of the Black Plague.

                  Anyone have any advice or ideas for me?
                  The challenging but also really cool thing about a solo game is that you can do a lot of stuff in one session. If I was running it (i wanna run a promethean solo game so bad), I would pick a region of Europe and just sketch out a bunch of short or long vignettes for them to stumble into, aim to do 2 or 3 per Chapter, and a big one for the end of a Story. People to meet, places to visit, weird situations to encounter. A mix of the mundane and the Promethean-specific and the weirder still. Just let one situation fade into another with timeskips and downtime in between as they try out different Roles. Want to be a Daredevil? Great, here's a carnival, you give them a name and you're in. Want to be a Leader? You've got some plague orphans with you lately, treating you as a surrogate parent. Don't worry about any kind of overarching plot for a while, but be open to it if your player shows interest in something.

                  Here's some stuff to get you started:
                  • An Elpis vision says that a certain monastery contains a potent Athanor left by a long-ago Pilgrim, but it's hidden. The monks are willing to host travelers for a few days, if they have legitimate business. Can you explore the monastery in secret and find the Athanor before Disquiet sets in too deeply?
                  • A mysterious inquisitor, whom no one saw enter the room but everyone seems to respect, claims that a nearby church has been corrupted by heresy. Priests speaking in tongues, improperly delivered Communion, blasphemous sermons about Lucifer- it sounds like the whole diocese has fallen to infernalism. Won't the strange wanderer do something to help, before the holy infrastructure of Mother Church is undone?
                  • A passing raven tells the mechano-man that there's a golden egg waiting in one of the nests that the birds abandoned. All he has to do is venture into the scary dark forest and find it.
                  • A pack of werewolves, who falsely believe that staying in wolf shape will ward off disease spirits, have been murdering travelers to keep their territory free of plague. But this traveler doesn't smell like a human. Does he get sick? Answer quick, it's important.
                  • Another Promethean has been working as a gravedigger. She's been investigating, learning, and memorizing the names of everyone she buries, and now she wants to pass on the names to another pilgrim so she can move on.
                  • An impressive manor house is being used as a refuge by a mix of noble families, peasant families, clergy, and refugees. There isn't enough food. There are family and class rivalries. At least one of them is an alchemist who wants to steal the other's secrets. There's a secret library/labyrinth/torture chamber. Tensions are running high. And then the Promethean shows up.
                  • Another wanderer starts hanging out with the pilgrim. She's a very pale woman who buries herself when the sun is out and eats live animals. Great company, wonderful conversationalist, handy in a fight, lots to say about humanity. But if you want to stick around with her, you can only go out at night, and you have to stay far away from cities. Every Prince in the kingdom knows to keep the Plague Crow outside their walls.
                  • An alchemist claims that he can synthesize a cure for the plague using Vitriol. He knows all about the so-called Pilgrimage. If the Promethean really wants to attain humanity, shouldn't they demonstrate the virtues of charity and self-sacrifice by donating their Vitriol?

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