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    Oh shoot it's true XD

    Perhaps rather than a reflective surface, the best analogue for Dialectic is something corrosive, something that reacts really hard with something and either dissolves it or makes it blow up. I hesitate between Ammonia and Alkali.

    EDIT: Perhaps Alkali would be more fitting than Cineres for the Refinement of Ashes, since it is an originally alchemical term for salt extracted from vegetal ashes. So I'd say

    Ammonia, Refinement of Azane and Dialectic. Practitioners = Sophists or Edgelords (disparaging).
    Cineres, Refinements of Ashes and Grief. Practioners = Alkalines or Hearses (disparaging)
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      Tantalium(Tantalum), the Refinement Of Mind, and protection through Transfiguration, a failed offshoot of Argentum that came to be when a number of mystics saw the sheer number of monsters that prey on humanity and twists it into things that spits in the eye of everything Prometheans wish to achieve, The founders of Tantalium decided that it wasn’t enough to just achieve the New Dawn. No, they wished to refine Gold( humanity) into something even more pure, to better resist the darkness that fed upon it. This led to many disastrous dealings with mortal Alchemists, and legend tells that many Firestorms were born from the experiments, scoring large swaths of the earth. Pompeii was said to be one such casualty of their Hubris- though this is highly unlikely due to the relative youth of the Refinement.

      Nickname: Shepards, The Misguided.

      Transmutations: Mesmerism, Metamorphosis
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