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Would this be an in-game functional Promethean?

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  • Would this be an in-game functional Promethean?

    An idea I’d had and would like to one day try out, is a teenaged (13-15 years old) Extempore.

    An Extempore created by a Galatean as a son of sorts and someone to accompany her. With his elements being Air and Fire. He would have originally been killed during a firebombing within one of the local cities and was revived by Azoth, with gasoline having been painted onto his lips during the ritual to create him.

    His Demeanor would be Child with his Nature being Survivor, and the Ferrum Refinement. I’ve actually imagined his wasteland as a city perpetually in flames, burning with the wind constantly whipping the flames to and fro in an unending firestorm. His bestowments would most likely be Unholy Strength or Spare Parts and Mezmerizing Apperance.

    He’d almost be a cross-breed between a Galatean and a Frankenstein, with it being depicted in his nature, Demeanor, and looks.

    His Disfigurement would likely be a sort of perpetual flame floating around him, at first appearing as though his eyes are constantly alight with flame and then like his whole being is constantly on fire with the wind constantly whipping his hair around, and his skin bubbling and burning beneath the flame.

    Over time, his refinement would hopefully become Aes, as he makes his way through his Great Work onwards to his New Dawn. So, would such a character work, or would it be unfeasible for a Galatean to create an Extempore as her Pseudo-son?
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    What edition of the game are you playing? Neither Natures nor Demeanors are a thing in 2E.

    Extempore, by definition, generally have no progenitor or demiurge.
    Wastelands don't manifest entire environments the way you've described here, that sounds more like a Beast's Lair.


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      Ah, so he’d have ended up being created by random chance, which kind of mucks up the idea of him being the child of a Galatean.

      Originally version, just haven’t read the manual in a while and am more used to V20.


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        Originally posted by PunkManiak View Post
        Originally version, just haven’t read the manual in a while and am more used to V20.
        I actually don't think Extempore are in 1E (I assume that's what you mean by original version) at all.

        Note that Extempore are exceptions by definition, so if that backstory works for you, you could probably make it work. But the fact that the character is so notably different from others of his notably rare kind shouldn't be glossed over. I'd be prepared to have a decent reason and cause in mind, or for that to be one of the central mysteries of his pilgrimage.


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          I think for story purposes, having it be a mystery during his pilgrimage, could actually be really cool. It’d be neat to figure out just how his creation was even possible.


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            I was under the impression that Extempore were created by a Demiurge on occasion, specifically as the "offspring" of a non-Promethean, non-human creator. The addition of unusual powers into the mix leads to the birth of unique, one-off beings.

            Following that rationale, a Galateid could make an Extempore if, for example, they incorporated a supernatural relic or something similar into the process.


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              Magnum Opus included the Extempore, and Saturnine Night included Demiurge mechanics that broke all the rules about who can create what. For instance, a Galeteid can officially only create another Galeteid; but by messing around with the Generative Act, she could possibly use the Demiurge rules to create a non-Galeteid. The effect is remarkably similar to the Extempore.


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                So it’s actually feasible in game. I know there are some other character quirks I’ll need to work through, but the basic concept could work.

                For example would he have a unique Pandoran Mockery or would he simply be hunted down by Torch-Borns and Silents?
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