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Getting Promethean as a Kickstarter reward from DE2, couple of concept questions.

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  • Getting Promethean as a Kickstarter reward from DE2, couple of concept questions.

    I've read 1st edition, but it was a friend's book set, and I'll be honest that stuff didn't really stick - what did was mainly the "you can't" parts. i.e. "you can't have a promethean always looking like its true self because of the fire," "you can't have an unfleshed robot with the Three Laws," etc . I'm looking forward to getting 2nd Ed when DE2's backerkit finalises, and I am excited about making Unfleshed - mostly because I'm a fan of the concept of the journey to humanity being run from entirely outside, like Asimov's Bicentenial Man.

    I'm soon going to be running a crossover set in the Sundered World, and had a concept for a Promethean the party are going to find. Made in the Time Before by a mage, she's a beautiful creation of metal and machinery, more like the robot from Metropolis than and real attempt to be humaniform. Her creator made her as an obsession and, quite without meaning to, gave her the Fire. As she began to look more human, and he realised what he had was more than his intent, he locked her down with spells. Her Fire is bound, making her appear as her natural form, and her personality is locked behind strict rules. She's absolutely a slave, locked away inside her mind and watching what happens. As the troupe rescues her (from a shard of Shattered Time in which she's been kept, locked in status), the Wise or Changling in the group manages to work out how to break the first ward, and the rest start unravelling. As she starts to release her true nature, disquiet starts to set in. Without yet having access to the book, does this sound mechanically plausible?

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    Sounds like it to me.

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      Very interesting concept and quite plausible within the setting. The idea that others will treat her more as a "thing" as she ironically becomes more human is a good twist.


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        Thank you both! I'm excited about this, I'll see how it pans out.


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          The three laws can exist easily, as a way for a Promethean to try to codify the Pilgrimage and try to understand rules that seem to make the Promethean feel humane.

          As for her looking like a Promethean all the time and leaking fire, I'd flex the theory that mages can't affect the Fire and say that a mage used Prime to unleash her "truth", unable to hide what she is. Shouldn't be hard to work out the specifics of the spell.