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  • Catharsis

    Unless I'm missing something, as written, this ability allows the Promethean to cure the subject of any sort of Condition. Obviously allowing it to cure, say, Blindness or some other physical Condition would be foolish, but there are still a lot of non-physical uses that seem incredibly potent.

    Would you allow a Promethean with this Transmutation to cure another of their Torment? What about lifting the veil of Disquiet from a subject?

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    Knee-jerk reaction is a big No, but I do need to refresh my memories on Promethean.

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      Catharsis costs three Pyros to use, is resolved through the extended action mechanics, and makes the Condition worse if the target doesn't hit their required success count. The costs and risks are such that I wouldn't say it's out of the question in either case.

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        And it's not as if Disquiet and Torment are some super hands-off mechanics, there already are powers to overcome them and the game is clearly aiming for some high end abilities. I don't see why you wouldn't let it do that.

        The Madness Alembic is pretty clearly meant to focus on mental illnesses, so I would mostly reign it in to that, though they don't have to be mundane ones. Even if RAW, it can be used on any Condition.