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Why do Promethean have humours?

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  • Why do Promethean have humours?

    OK, dumb question: why do Prometheans have humours? I can understand it from an Out of Game perspective- it helps to make the lineages different. But do we get an In-Game justification for humours? Why would they be necessary?
    I vaguely remember reading somewhere that since Azoth is something from outside of our reality it needs a kind of "vector" to manifest itself fully in our world- the humour. I can´t, however, find that in any of the books I own.

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    Because they love jokes? #badpuns

    So, pyros, as far as I know, is very rare and hard to find in the world, but not necessarily from outside our reality*. Pyros is like... magical potential energy that can be changed into other kinds of energy. Azoth is a pyros-based engine. Vitriol is refined Azoth that is used to upgrade said Azothic engine on the path to becoming a real soul. Within a Promethean, this pyros-fuel needs to flow along some kind of vector within the promethean - that's the phlem, oil, bile, etc of the promethean. And the flow of pyros along these bodily fluids produce a chemical imbalance within the Promethean's brain, making them emotionally unbalanced.

    To put it simply, the physical humour is the type of pyros-gasoline the prommie Azoth engine runs on. Instead of regular unleaded, ethonol, etc, we have bile pyros, oil pyros, etc.

    * Possibly a God Machine crossover reference? The GM is often quoted as being from outside our reality....
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      Yes, but *why* is that vector necessary? I mean, Vitae flows through a Vampire´s body without need of a vector (unless we decide to say blood itself is its vector).
      I´m not sure the pyros-gasoline/ pyros-ethanol metaphor holds. I mean, Prometheans can share Pyros with one another (for example, with the"The Community of Power")- without side effects.

      Also, I always thought the humours were a characteristic of the Azoth, not of Pyros. Core 2e does talk about Azoth carrying the humour and there is no talk about the Alchemists dealing with humours, despite using Pyros.
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        Originally posted by DoktorNiemand View Post
        Yes, but *why* is that vector necessary? I mean, Vitae flows through a Vampire´s body without need of a vector (unless we decide to say blood itself is its vector).
        Vitae doesn't flow, is the thing, and vampires are mostly made out of people that used to be people instead of an entirely new entity that takes relatively few internal cues from where it got its body.

        The humours are the physical and inhuman foundations for what the Promethean can eventually transmute into a soul — it conducts the consciousness of the Created into their bodies and enables their shaky interface with the rest of the world. Your humour is the symbolic medium in which your Pyros is stored and which threatens to overwhelm you in the moments where your nature as an incomplete being catches up with you.

        Also, even without getting into Lineages, it makes the Created different; a changeling might literally have ice running through her veins behind the Mask, but that quirk of her anatomy is facilitated by her transformation into a being that can straddle the line between the physical and the ephemeral rather than a foundational element of her selfhood — a Promethean is a human shape whose corporeal processes are maintained by a singular substance which informs his existence before all others.

        They're there because Weird Magic Juices tie into the spooky visceral alchemy that the Created work with secondhand human bodies and reasonable facsimiles thereof in a way that can't really be understood without diving deep into the symbolic associations of how things that aren't people compose and interact with people literally and metaphorically. An Extempore with an overriding humour of gold is informed by the nature of gold and its place in the world, for instance.

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