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some advice for an experienced ST who has never run Promethean 1e

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  • some advice for an experienced ST who has never run Promethean 1e

    hi gang,

    So I am running a WtF chronicle which has some fairly well - established PCs. They are at a place in the Chronicle where they want to tie up some "loose ends". One of those ends is finding a way to allow a ghost of a mortal (who's death they were indirectly responsible for..I know...shocker!) to find peace. I've come up with a pretty fun concept (imho) of how they could do that and they are well on the way to making that happen (it involves the Pack entering Twilight to meet up with their ghost buddy and taking him to a place that will allow his soul to find peace). When they arrive at that place they will discover that a whole host of other supernatural beings are there as well...Mages, Spirits, other ghosts, the odd Astral-Projected Vampire, etc.. I would also like them to encounter a Throng of Prometheans. is my question(s):
    1) What elements should I focus on when role-playing these Promethean (there will be three...a Wretched, an Ulgan and a Galateid)? I want to convey the appropriate mood when the Pack engages with them (not necessarily fight, I might add). How would the three I have listed differ from one another in terms of overall demeanor and outlook?
    2) I am playing kinda free and loose as to HOW the Pro.s get into Twilight but do you have an opinion of how they would LOOK when in Twilight? Would their Disfigurements be blatant?
    3) What stats should I be focusing on? Again my hope is that the PC do not do battle with these creatures but you know how PCs are...deliciously unpredictable!!

    Many thanks!

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    1) Most Prometheans are not combative, but if their disquiet affects your player characters you would need to be familiar with that. I would roleplay the Prometheans as shy and hesitant, unsure how to interact.
    2) I am not sure exactly, but if I were you I would have their disfigurement be blatant.
    ‚Äč3) Maybe find something unique from their Transmutations or Bestowments to make it feel clearly different from what your group is used to.


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      thanks very much!


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        1) in addition to what was said: prometheans need to Learn Basic human behaviour and rules. Play off of that. I think there was a thread around that did prommy ticks, like asking questions in third person, disliking Their Own reflection, Talking To Their Own reflection, Having No Sense Of personal Space, Not Holding Eye contact, downright staring... also consider your prommies' paths. They colour Their frame of mind.
        2) what mikerand said
        3)If there is a fight (not necessarily vs PC), make use of the fact prommies do not have wound penalties. Play up the strangeness of that, and the fact they 'dont tire'.


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          all great tips...thanks gang!