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  • 1001 Promethean Story Hooks

    Reposting my old 1001 Promethean Story Hooks thread here, because that sort of thread tends to be useful.

    Please be aware that the numbers won't be consecutive - I created this thread on three separate fora.

    .) Turning into a real boy is easy, as one of the prometheans you meet along the road, a follower of the path of Gold, explains to you. You just have to find out everything you can about the person who owned your body first - the human you once were. Then you simply continue his life - do everything he does. Do his job. Sleep with his wife. Become him.

    Why hasn't he done it already, you ask? Why, that's what he's planning to do right now! The owner of the promethean's body dismembered little boys for fun. He'll start doing that too as soon as he's found the right victim.

    .) The angel tells you becoming human is easy as long as you do what she tells you. The angel wants to you stick a knife into one of your throngmates. He'll come back, right? Prometheans always do.

    .) A human falls in love with one of the PCs.

    It can't last, can it? The Disquiet is simply too contagious. Sooner or later, her love will turn into hate.

    And yet - her affection seems entirely genuine. And maybe there are some valuable lessons to be learned while acting the part of the lover?

    .) The Chinese government has its own pet Zeka (Nuclear Promethean) providing the Chinese with information on how to build better bombs.

    Still don't believe me? Prove me wrong.

    .) You want to know why I'm a Stannum? I'll tell you. People - ordinary people - can use our Divine Fire to create alchemic concoctions that replicate the effects of Transmutations. They're using our bodies to achieve divine power.

    This is the entire reason we exist, in fact - as power batteries for them.

    Makes you want to bring the whole shitty house of cards these apes call a society down, doesn't it? Makes you want to kill.

    .) Their society is what makes people human. We don't have a society of our own, which is why we can't be like them.

    There will be a day when our numbers have grown to the point where we'll have our own society.

    Will you help me create and prepare a proper body for my next Promethean offspring?

    .) An Ulgan has been created by the shamans (keepers of one of the most ancient faiths) of a village in order to keep the mortals safe and protected from spirits and ghosts.

    The Ulgan didn't feel like being used by humans. He forged pacts and gained spirit allies and used them against his masters.

    He now controls the entire village. A place set in the more remote parts of the country - governed entirely, directly and actively by a Promethean.

    von wem anderen:

    6. There's five elements, right? You know: fire - or lightning, for us, I guess - air, water, earth and spirit. Five elements for five lineages. There's a few oddballs - rockslides, ice, plants - but they're basically derivations of the main five. It all comes down to five elements. Right?

    Wrong. There's more than that. I've asked around, and I met a few people - guy with no disfigurements who could throw balls of static electricity, and these little strange people who showed me their antlers and their kaleidoscope eyes - and I got my hands on this little bag of thorns.

    They say these came from a world outside this one, where huge noble monsters hold sway. They say these can rip off bits of a man's soul. I wonder how the Divine Fire could touch them.

    And I'm going to make my progeny with this. Want to help?

    7) As you gasped out your first breaths of air after nearly drowning in a motel bathroom, you took in your surroundings. A small plastic card with a picture of a man was taped to a large mirror above a sink. A man who looked like yourself, though you... lacked his nose. A suitcase full of clothing and prescription pill bottles was sitting on a bed. A black book with a cross on it sat on top of the suitcase. A loud banging was coming from a door, something about a "bill"? A letter was folded inside the black book, full of rambling digressions and awkward sentence construction, but the gist was this.

    "You are awake. You lack a soul, and I am sorry for that. If you wish to understand why I did this to you, you need to find me. Your mother, Miriam."

    She didn't tell you where to start.

    8. We go to the wastes to smother our fire, right? You do nothing to stoke it, and keep it out of contact with everyone and it dies on it's own?

    Yeah, sure. Try that somewhere civilized, even if you -do- avoid people it won't work. We can't smother our fire. It won't let it happen. Instead, when you go to the wastes and stay still enough...something, something that exists in those wild places, comes and rips off a chunk. Something that's trying to become alive, like us. Something big.

    8) Everyone’s afraid of them. Nobody knows a lot about them, but there a lot of rumours. They all arrived here as the urban decay set in. They move around a lot so the cops can’t find them. They run every gig in town; protection, gambling, prostitution, but people never see them. They like to leave instructions by call or email – if you meet them in person it means you are in serious trouble. And sometimes their orders are weird; they ordered all the statues in the Egypt exhibit in the museum smashed. A disgraced biologist was kidnapped and all his notes destroyed.
    All you know for certain is that you don’t fuck with the Made Men.

    9) Once upon a time there was a Frankenstein who wanted a family, so he stitched himself together a wife and a son. They moved around a lot, but they were happy. A few years later they had a daughter, too. But one day it all fell apart and only he got out alive. Now he’s the Family Man, a hitman for hire (using his mastery of Deception and Disquietism) who takes out his revenge on whoever he’s paid to kill, overwhelmed by Torment. Can he be saved, or must he merely be stopped?

    10) A Scion, a human child, is born to Promethean parents. They call her a miracle and she truly is. By the time she’s seven she has a wisdom (and vocabulary) far beyond her years… and she can perform Transmutations. But she’s definitely human. And she has a message for all Prometheans; redemption is at all hand. The New Dawn is coming for us all.

    11) A Promethean has a severe problem. She’s being haunted by a tenacious and vicious ghost. Her own. Or rather her body’s former consciousness. It wants revenge. It wants back in. And the poor Promethean’s Torment is building…

    12) There’s a service only available to the wealthiest, but it’s already growing popular even though less than 0.001% of the world can afford it. People made to order. Want a perfect lover? A spouse? A child? A friend? A bodyguard? There’s a company that can help. But how well do these clones last? And where are they getting all the Vitriol they need to make them…

    13) There’s always been something odd about this house. Owners don’t tend to stay too long. The truth is that the concrete used to make it contains a Pandoran or two, crushed into powder. When a promethean crushes the threshold the walls start to bleed and move as the house itself awakens. Hungry.

    14) The Sphinx. Everyone knows that the face carved there wasn’t the first. The amazing truth is, it’s a giant Pandoran. Constant attention and a lack of Prometheans have kept it dormant. But a Throng have come on a pilgrimage to Egypt, and now the Sphinx awakens…

    15) A Throng of Mimics and Titans are trying to learn about humanity… through a game of football/soccer/baseball/whatever. The crowd hates them, referee keeps ruling against them, the fouls of the increasing hostile other team go ignored… but can they bring home the cup?

    9. You know, they say that Antarctica once had forests and jungles back in the dinosaur days, but somethin' happened that caused the south pole to freeze solid. Antarctica is kinda like a wasteland--a really cold wasteland. You see where I'm gettin' at, dontcha? Now I know you heard the rumors about those wizards that're supposed to come from Atlantis, 'cept nobody knows where Atlantis is 'cause they never left behind any pyramids like the pharaohs did in Old Egypt, right? Or did they? I heard the Russians found a lake under the ice at the south pole and started diggin' an' pokin' around. And I heard they found somethin' they won't talk about.

    Think about it: If we wanted to, folks like us wanted to take down an empire. Just quietly move in to Capital City and hole up in some tomb or tunnel. And wait. Just a matter of time before the whole place comes down. And if the Russians wake up a throng at the south pole and they decide to to go on walkabout again, what happens then?

    .) Calogero wants to help you. He's made the journey to the Soul, and he doesn't Fear you, and he wants to help. With potions.

    You're tearing beaks out of birds, and stealing artifacts from museums, and beating senseless occultists to steal their notes. For Calogero, who will help you, because he cares. So what's worse, that Calogero's really some evil sorcerer using you for his own nefarious ends? -- or that he isn't?

    .) So four months ago I met a friend. He was honest and he cared about me and he didn't hate me one bit, even after I'd known and talked to him for weeks. And then he was beaten to death in front of me by some creepy animistic fucks. And yeah, he might have dissolved into mud and leaves, but shit, we all have our weaknesses. I don't care how badly you needed to reclaim your life, you didn't need to do it over the corpse of my only friend.

    And that's why I went to fucking war with your motley crew. The rabbit was an easy kill; she never saw it coming. The ogre was a bit tougher, but I've always been tough. The water lady was next, which brings me to you. And God help me, but I think I'm going to enjoy this.

    12) The other day, Vivian looked in the mirror, she saw somebody else. Looked like her, but it wasn't her. It was the original. You know...the previous occupant. She said she wants her body back.

    13) A Vampire approached me, saying he thought I was dead. I feigned amnesia, but apparently my creator used this Leech's best friend for my body. I feel pity for anybody who has to steal Fire from others, even in the diluted form of blood, but also loathing that Pyros should be stolen. Would it be a mercy to destroy this pitiful thing? Or is there something valuable to learn (not about my body's prior existence, but about the nature of Pyros)? Should I let one drink my blood, just to see what would happen?

    14) Maybe I should just follow my original plan: go to New York City to live the life of a transvestite and/or prostitute. How can I appreciate the good things about Humanity if I do not sample, nay, embrace the squalid side ,as well?

    16) You've heard about the greats right? The Living Library, Lady Delphi, Mario da Vinci, Ramesses II, The First Electronic? How could you have not, those guys a legends. Some of them are thousands of years old, they've been everywhere. Ok short version, a cross between wondering heroes and tourists, mostly tourists. Anyway I bumped into Lady Delphi on her way to try and find Osiris in the underworld. She said the whole lot of them got togeather to see the Garden of Eden last year. She even gave me a map but she said if I wanted to make it there alive I'd need a lot of help.

    So interested? I'll bet there's quite a milestone in it.

    (Note, I may or may not have played The Living Library at one point).

    von mir:

    17 (by my count): The Disquietism transmutations hold the key to humanity - the highest levels, specifically. I know this one Frankenstein who learned how to project his entire Disquiet onto a group of people - not just a small group, but what do I know about humans and their societies?

    Now everyone hates them. Truly, deeply hates them.

    And the Frankenstein is human.

    18) What, you've never been given a real, true human name? You'll never make it to the New Dawn without a name.

    Getting baptized isn't enough. You need the name of an actual person. You need to steal a name from someone. I know just the right guy who can help you doing that.

    von wem anderen:

    19) There's a scientist working on virtual reality who ran into a promethean one time. It gave him an idea. You want to relive a humans memories, live a whole life from cradle to grave, he can hook you up. All he wants is a small sample of your vitrolic fluid, I don't know what he's doing with the stuff but it seems like a good deal.

    20) You know how some of us get those dreams that help on the Pilgrimage. I heard of this guy, really clear dreams, well one day he just started having the same dream every night. Prometheus is running down a mountain with all the gods of Olympus after him. He gets to the bottom, shoves this fire into the poor sap's chest and says "keep it burning, keep it safe, humanity's going to need it one day."

    21) I heard about this group, more a cult, of Ophidians. They kept going on about how we all had god's own stuff keeping us alive and if we learned to use it properly we'd be gods. Last thing I heard they were looking for a way outside the universe. Wanted to make their own or some crazy shit like that.

    22) Why don't you see any Demiurges any more, think about it. We've never had more science in the world so where are all the scientists trying to create life? Think about it, if Frankenstine could bring back the dead with Victorian technology imagine what he could do today. Marsbase, Cloud City, o'Neil Station, neoAtlantis. They're around, they just stopped trying to impress the fools at the institute.

    23) You ever heard of the Pinocchio Lineage? No, keep it that way. They're nice kids, mostly, but that Blue Faerie magic that got them started, that's fucked up shit. You want to be human one day, stay away. Fucking faeries man, I mean, fuck.

    von mir:

    19) You want a real friend? Not one of us half-people? Make one.
    Pick some guy or girl you like. Take him to your place. Don't let him out again. Remember to bring some food and water, because people need more of that than we do.

    Talk to him every day. Spend as much time with him as possible. He'll hate you - probably right from the start if you take him by force. That's ok. His hate will grow in time. Don't let that discourage you, just continue what you're doing. Eventually, once he's past his hate, past caring, past being whatever it is the Disquiet does to people, he'll grow to like you. Love you. Do everything you want. Be your friend, if that's what you ask him to do.

    There's some sort of name for this approach. I think it's about some northern city. Anyway, it works. It's stronger than the Disquiet. And it'll leave the guy docile and ready to do anything you want from him. Then you'll have a friend.

    20) The angel told you to live a 1000 lives, each different from the last.

    Only by experiencing humanity from all possible angles and perspectives will you understand it for what it is.

    26) A young Frankenstein gets it into her head that fame is the way to humanity - being recognized and known by people, as many of them as possible, will lead to her New Dawn.

    Problem is, she isn't really smart enough to think of any way to achieve fame that doesn't involve revealing her inhuman nature to the world, possibly endangering the existence of all the Created.

    von wem anderen:

    22) I found the tunnels the first humans came from, no really. I'm going to explore them, see maybe if at the other end I can find out what really makes a human.

    von mir:

    .) The characters are approached by a mortal man who claims to have been one of the Created one day. And he certainly does know a lot about Prometheans - more than the PCs themselves do, in fact.

    He says he wants back. Back to being a Promethean. Any way the PCs want - he's certainly not pretty enough to being a Galatean, but the Tammuz or the Ulgan way might well work.

    Of course he knows that if you use his body as raw material for the creation of a Promethean, he'll technically be dead, and that the newly created Promethean will be a different person than him. When reminded, he simply smiles knowingly. And there's something scary and devious about that smile.

    Why would a Redeemed, someone who has fought his way through the hell of the Pilgrimage and won the right to be a human being, want to give it all up and be a Promethean again? There's something about this that should, by all means, unsettle the PCs and their quest for humanity.

    von wem anderen:
    28) In 2015, decades ahead of even the most optimistic of futurists, mankind creates the first true AI (or Artificial Consciousness, as his creators insist he be called). ‘Adam’, the chrome-skinned humanoid, appeared out of nowhere. He was created by accident and attempts to repeat the process failed, leading to many accusations of an elaborate hoax. Many of those who believe he is a machine call for his destruction as an abomination unto God or as a threat. Other claim he should have the same legal protection as any human, even considered a child. As debates rage, however, is creators and handlers grow increasing hostile towards Adam. He stares. He question social mores and never seems satisfied with their answers. He asks inappropriate questions even when told not to. Like the most annoying of children, his every other word is ‘Why?’

    They hate him. And he can tell.

    Adam has the power to influence and control machines around him. When one of his creators (who has a pacemaker) is found dead, the question must be asked; did Adam kill him? If he did, what will he do next?

    29) They say that the builders of the great Cathedrals knew a lot more than just engineering and architecture. They say that when they helped build the great Cathedrals of France they encoded the secrets of the Great Work into the very buildings. All you have to do is piece together the clues from the geometry and carvings on the capitals and pillars, and Humanity will be yours.

    von mir:

    .) The Zeky are trying to escalate the conflict between North Korea and the US to a nuclear level. They must be stopped, now.

    .) We will all be saved. Two will be the number of our saviors - a Promethean who embraces darkness and Flux; and a Pandoran who chooses humanity and Elpis. Only they can turn all of us into human beings.
    Unbelievers must be hunted town and shown the light.

    von wem anderen:
    32) A Promethean manifests an unusual variation of the Revivification Bestowment - they do not lose the power when they use it (making them effectively immortal) but when they, or other Prometheans they chose to save, return from the dead they do with their memories swiped clean, effectively a newborn Promethean once again.

    33) There's a market under the bridge where you can buy anything. Even humanity

    34) It's obvious the Demiurges were wrong right? The wasteland, we aren't supposed to exist. Now the way I see it, the divine fire. Well you hear the mythology, man stole that stuff from the gods. I don't think that was right, so I'm going to try and find the gods and give the fire back. No I don't think it's as easy as going to Greece and climbing a mountain, but it's a good place to start looking.

    35) A group of Changelings spread the word. A Size 5 Luxury Hollow with the Ritual Door merit has been built just for the Created. A wasteland proof "Promethian village" to rest and train up inbetween legs of the pilgramage.

    Why such charity? Because they say Changeligns don't have souls, and they are hoping to learn how the Created earn them.

    von mir:

    .) One of the less understood properties of the Pyros is to enable the exchange of a mind from one body to another.

    At least one of the human organisations in the know about Pyros is currently researching the implications of this particular aspect of the Divine Fire. Their plans of replacing senior military personnel with clones (equipped with minds completely loyal to their cause) are nearly finished.

    What's still missing is a reliable source of Pyros. Surely there are ways to solve this problem.

    .) The previous owner of a Promethean PC's body has had a very influential family. Believing that said previous owner is still alive, family members do everything in their considerable power to find him.

    .) The will of the Qashmallim (and the Principle) is clear. The throng is to protect little Frank, 6 year old, from any and all danger (and why do these masked men constantly try to abduct him, really?). Despite all the difficulties, and despite the fact that little Frank and his family are in no way immune to the Disquiet.

    The angels say that this boy must survive at all cost if the PCs want to be human.

    39) The PCs encounter criminals in the know about the Pyros who have their hands in human trafficking and organ theft.

    Despite the fact that this is a deeply illegal and, quite obviously, highly inhuman business, the criminals are also quite willing to have the PCs benefit from their business, provided they don't interfere. And prometheans can always find uses for .. bodies.

    40) You think those of us who follow the Refinement of Flux are bad news? You haven't seen the Refinement of Void yet.

    41) One thing people will always need is slaves. That's us. That's the reason why us Golems exist.

    So it's a choice between being a slave driver and a slave.

    It's nothing personal, really. One day you'll get to have your own slaves. Today, now, you'll get to bring me a little closer to the New Dawn.

    von wem anderen:

    42) I've seen them. They're everywhere across the city. Those damn pilgrim marks. And it seems they have been written by different created. MANY different created. Some are old, very old, older than I can imagine from my young perspective. I probably haven't found all of them yet, but from what I've seen so far, they're bad news. An archquashmal is coming, and it seems only the created in this city managed to keep it at bay for so long. Now that I have come here, it is my duty to make sure it won't hurt anyone. Better start get some corpses to make sure someone else will take on once I'm done here...

    43) Wait wait wait! I'm telling you, WE are the real, original, humans. Think about it. We are the ones who inherited the "divine" fire as a soul. We are the ones that can wield the power of miracles through transmutations. We are those whose body is almost indestructible. We are those for who angels themselves descend to earth to offer us guidance. Our state is not a curse, it's just the normal condition of a true, complete human.

    We are him, Adam Kadmon, the original human created by the hand of God himself. The only difference; we were created by humans who could wield the power of God for a second. The only problem is that Adam reached the new dawn during his life in eden (forget this whole fruit bullshit). And he was kicked out of paradise for that. Now humanity wanders and stumble across their fallen world, cursed by the complexity and suffering of the so called "soul".

    Us? We're not cursed. We're just fishes out of water. The wasteland is caused by this puny land that can't stand our divine presence. The disquiet is there because humans can't stand the fact that we unconsciously recall them what they've lost. The torment is there because we were not made to endure the sufferings of earth, we were made to enjoy the peace of paradise. Humanity is just an inferior state we can reach so that we can blend in with all the exiled and the God forsaken. Forget about the pilgrimage, forget about the new dawn and accept your divinity.

    Now, if only we could find the entrance to Eden...hey, wait! Where are you going? Were you at least listening to me?

    32) You were once a throng, each of you seeking a path to humanity together. Except something happened, something went wrong and you abandoned one of your throng. He didn't abandon you though. Eventually you became human and he did not. He sought after your creations and tricked them, bribed them it doesn't matter. They hunted you down and killed you, then remade you. He is coming for you; to take you home, to remake the family.

    33. In the beginning, there were only the four: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. But when men discovered new forms of energy, they created new Prometheans. Electricity and Frankenstein. Radiation and the Zheky. Now they've build that Large Hadron Collider. They say it's supposed to study new particles of energy that are only found in supernovas and black holes. But who seriously believes that? Are they gonna build a black hole in Switzerland? C'mon, you know what they're gonna do with the new energies they discover...

    34. They say that everyone has a twin somewhere. Someone who looks just like you.

    But not us. We're not anyone. So I figured, what if I make someone look just like me? And what if I look just like him? If I look like him, will I be him? Will I get his soul?

    I got this hand from a surgeon. My vision is sharp and my fingers are steady. Find me some people. One for me and one for you. We'll both have souls once I am through.

    35. You finally figured it out. Everybody else got it wrong.
    Well, in order to become human, you have to be like them, they got that right.
    The thing is, it is not you who has to change to match the humans.
    It's the humans who have to change to match you.

    44) Rumors at the various vampire racks, elysiums, and salons speak of a far off city in which the local chapter of the Ordo Dracul has been experimenting with azoth... Their azothic experimentation has given them great power against their rivals: the Invictus is all but defeated and the Lancea Sanctum has been wiped out. This new lineage of blood prometheans has unsettling implications for kindred and the created alike. However, all is not as it seems as the question of who is manipulating who has yet to play out...

    36. I once met a pair of Prometheans - an Osiran and a Galateid - who had apparently been created side-by-side. They talked really strangely, and they kept flipping coins... they said they were going to see a play. Or a boat. I don't know. It was confusing. But apparently, at the end of whatever path they're taking, they expect... to just vanish.

    I think they called themselves... uh, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Though I didn't find out which was which.

    45) He wanders the desert, hat shielding his eyes from the glare and a pistol on his hip. Horses won’t let him ride them. People don’t take to him – he’s been lynched near twenty times and he climbs down from the scaffold each time. But he keeps passing from town to town, doing odd jobs. Painting fences. Guarding caravans. Even hunting outlaws.

    They say he’s been cursed by God, or an Indian shaman (but that’s blasphemous hoodoo, son). Some say he’s the Wandering Jew himself. But I’ll say one thing. When he wanders into your town, trouble will follow.

    46) You’ve been alive (or 'alive') for some time now. You’ve fought Pandorans, seen qashmallim and Firestorms, you even died once… But now you face something truly terrifying.

    A date.

    You’ve been catfishing online for a while and someone wants to meet you. Desperately. And you know Disquiet will ruin things, but… you have to meet them at least once. Can you show your date a good time? And will you earn a kiss at the end of the night?

    47) Your creator was a broken thing. He just wanted children and that’s what you from. In the end his need for companionship claimed his life when his Pandoran offspring strangled him. But you found other child-Prometheans, unable to age physically until you find your souls, but with memories longer than human lifetimes.

    That alone makes it almost impossible to get by in school. But add Disquiet to the mix and, well, school’s a nightmare. But you have to go. Because you don’t want truant officers finding out you have no parents or paper-trail – the last time you were placed with a foster family was disastrous. And, of course, because you need to learn how to be a human.

    The best days of your life? Hardly.

    48) Prometheans can eat just about anything organic. Their bodies aren't fussy and the Divine Fire will accept damn near any fuel. But it doesn't stop roots and bark and mould tasting like crap, especially when you've developed the Discriminating Tongue Transmutation. And this Promethean has discovered cuisine. And he wants to cook - his incredible sense of taste means he has incredible potential. But it's hard to be taughtwhen Disquiet comes calling, let alone find a job in a stressful kitchen, or get a loan to start up your own restaurant. And even if you did, the staff and customers would hate you.

    But that won't stop you. You're going to be the greatest chef this city has ever seen and that's what will make you human. (Yes, this is a Ratatouille reference)

    49) There's a serial killer hunting the city, striking down beautiful women. The victims share no connection, but they're not randomly chosen - the killer breaks into homes and stalks them for weeks beforehand. It's a Galateid with Bloodhound;s Nose collecting bodies to make himself a perfect lover. (And here's the obligatory Perfume reference)

    50) for years, a small Task Force: VALKYRIE team implanted within Detroit SWAT have been dedicated to hunting down Centimani and Pandorans, to prevent the spread of wasteland, while they have a deal with the Prometheans of the city: do what you need to so you don't make the city worst, and we won't touch you.

    This team knows about the Lineages, what Transmutations can do what, signs of new Centimani and Pandorans in town. They use a special pill called Tranquility that keeps them immune to disquiet so they can keep their minds clear for their missions. It is because of Tranquility that VALKYRIE can keep their cool and not go gun-happy on every Promethean in Detroit.

    And then one of the Prometheans brings the most dire of news:
    The VALKYRIE team has run out of the Tranquility pill.

    37) A member of the throng is approached by a human who claims to have been her demiurge who has since completed the Pilgrimage. Now he wants to help. Can she trust him? He appears to be immune to Disquiet, but where does he disappear to all the time? Is he really who he says he is?

    38) A Galateid draws the attention of a troubled young man who wants her company not because he desires her (which he does) but because of the feelings of disgust and self-hatred she engenders. In other words, he's actively seeking the Disquiet she produces. He is charming, and will declare his intent earnestly, and say that he will do anything just to be in her company for awhile. Despite his oddities, he will try to make the Galateid feel good about herself, buying her gifts, chatting with and listening to her all night, and generally acting like a genuine friend, just because he so desires the negativity that emanates from her. Indeed, the more she rebuffs or is cruel to him, the more he'll keep coming back.
    If she accepts his presence, then he'll soon let on that he's got a lot of internet friends who want to meet her - they have similar tastes, and would like to make her the centre of their attentions. The eventual twist here is that he doesn't actually enjoy her presence at all - it sickens him. But he knows that his wealthy internet contacts will pay a great deal to him for connecting her with them. He's been grooming her all along, and money has been his ony motivation.

    39) A Promethean is under the belief that, in order to be like humans, you have to be as bad as them.
    She tracks down other Prometheans, and mimics humans affected by Disquiet. Worse, she encourages humans in their hate, and might even create Prometheans for the purpose of always having scapegoats available. Oddly, it works: as long as she harasses other Prometheans, nobody is subject to her own Disquiet. However, she's built up so much Disquiet the backlash may reach mythic proportions, should she give up being an asshole for long.
    40) A Zeka has just found the nearest source of significant radiation.
    It's a nuclear plant near the small town you're in that, she senses, will likely reach meltdown within a day, two at most. Of course, the staff knows, but has no intention to alarm the public. If you don't want to save potential victims, it might instead be wise to run away as far and as fast as you can. You'll be lucky, though, to find proper transport in such a short notice.

    For contrast:

    41) A Promethean is under the belief that to become human, one must become more humane. He has been engaging in good work with the homeless, reading to the elderly in nursing homes, engaging in voluntary community service of all sorts and being a generally sociable and good person. Despite this, he seems to be getting no closer to his next milestone, and as Disquiet builds the community is starting to turn against him, despite his good deeds. He comes to the players seeking advice: should he persist with his good deeds in a new area, try to maintain good relations in his community despite Disquiet, or perhaps abandon this path altogether?

    42) You discover something important about the origin of humanity.
    All the first humans didn't naturally evolve from another species, but started out as Prometheans and attained the New Dawn. (Details as to what/who made them from who/what are vague.)
    So to speak, Adam and Eve were Redeemed.
    Surely, that's going to change one thing or two about the way you think about humans, the Pilgrimage, the Principle, and your existence in general.

    43) Someone you liked was turned into Pandorans. Perhaps it's your fault.
    You found a way to retry the creation rite properly and put them back together properly into a Promethean just as you'd intended in the first place. There's even the possibility doing so will give them the personality they had as a mortal, though not the memories.
    First, you need to catch every Pandoran they turned into without killing any...

    44) A girl collapses right in front of the PCs, with the PCs being the only one in a position to help her. She's apparently epileptic. How do the Prometheans deal with this sort of situation?

    45) The PCs witness a Qashmal appearing to mortals and riling them up against the throng.

    The Qashmal has been friendly and cooperative with the throng so far.

    46) A natural catastrophe happens. Human casualties are in the four digit range, with many more being homeless and in dire need of help.
    The Promethean PCs are among the survivors.

    47) Through an anonymous tip, the PCs uncover huge amounts of Vitriol somewhere in a hospital storage room.

    48) An angel orders the throng to use the Wasteland effect to taint a certain fertile amount of land; promising clues as to their milestones if they do as commanded.

    49) The throng requires vital information held by a demiurge in order to come closer to the New Dawn. Problem is, the demiurge is currently in prison/in a mental institution.

    50) The PC's Torment becomes contagious, affecting not just Prometheans but humans as well. An occult disease sweeps through the country, corrupting the inner alchemy of people.

    51) The PC's naivete is used against them as they are recruited by some gang members to assist with some rather unpleasant business. Drug trafficking (Galateae make for great pushers), protection rackets, extortion, that sort of thing. There are a great many opportunities for a few young Prometheans to learn some essential truths about humanity while being involved with its darkest side.

    52) Thousands of people are rioting in the city as a consequence of social unrest, poor relations with the police, etc. There's looting, arson and violence, and the throng is right in the midst of it all.

    53) The PCs need money, and fast. What better way to earn it than by having the Ferrum character sign up in a MMA tournament? Sure, the crowd will really hate them, but that doesn't mean they can't win.

    54) The best way to create computers that think? Infuse them with a little Divine Fire, that's all it takes!

    55) A Cobalus Frankenstein - known for his dark humor and distinctive facial scars and stitches - starts to investigate questions of human morality in an attempt to complete his Pilgrimage. He forces impossible moral dilemmas on people.

    56) A qashmal tells the Pcs about a person who is fated to die in a near hospital very soon. The man's wife has the gift of channeling Divine Fire through her dreams, and she'll make a Dreamborn Promethean out of her husband's corpse very soon.

    That must not be allowed to happen. The qashmal promises to reward the throng by giving them informations about their milestones if they destroy the Dreamborn.

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    57) Through the Elpis merit, the PCs receive visions of a stray dog who ends up eating the entire world.

    The dog is infected by a particularly virulent strain of disease that is flux-tainted. It is only a matter of time until the virus will be transmitted to people.

    58) The PCs happen to stumble upon somebody who attempts suicide by subway jumping. Can they save him? Can creatures who have no firsthand experience with human life sell him on it?

    59) The homeless lifestyle of the throng, all of which lack social skills, can be pretty exhausting most of the time. The PCs need new clothes.


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      60) A child is born out of parthenogenesis. She claims to speaks the will of the Principle. There is obviously something very weird about her, not just because Qashmallim obey her.


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        61) A follower of the Aurum refinement gets it into her head that the best way to learn about humans is to live as a human. Not just any human, but specific humans.

        This is why she kills selected people and "replaces" them using her formidable grasp of the Deception and Metamorphosis arts. All for the sake of learning as much about them as possible.


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          62) Humanity is at its best in the face of peril, right? A Zeka Cobalus believes it is time to test that theory by staging a nuclear malfunction near a large city.


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            63) An Osiran decides to take the Christian belief of Jesus, the son of man, dying and being resurrected, literally.

            Believing that he will die and return - not a a Promethean but as an actual human being - if the circumstances can be arranged similarly to those of Jesus' death, he starts working towards making it so.

            It doesn't take much work for him to find people persecuting him and crying for his blood - the Disquiet helps a lot. What he still needs are faithful apostles.


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              64) A throng of Prometheans stumble upon a high level politician - who is actually a heavily brainwashed, transformed clone. They find that people in important places stationed all across town have been replaced by clones.


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                65) A throng of Prometheans decides to start a biker gang. Sons of Anarchy meets Promethean: the Created!


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                  66) A charismatic Osiran gets the attention of an entire community of Prometheans with his subversive beliefs about the Created, as a whole, infiltrating key human organisations and rising up against humanity.

                  Way too many Prometheans take the Osiran seriously.


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                    67) The PC's mentor and figure of trust has turned Centimanus.


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                      68) The PCs save a few homeless from some sort of unpleasant fate. As a result, the homeless start following the Prometheans around, helping them, defending them etc.

                      It's only a matter of time until Disquiet kicks in.


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                        Where did this list come from? #44 between 35 & 36 looks A LOT like something I posted on the old forums. I could almost swear I wrote that.

                        I ran a Vampire-Promethean crossover chronicle - it was awesome.


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                          It's from the old fora as well as


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                            69) A Jewish occultist devises a ritual that can be used to control all local golems.

                            He needs a golem player character to help him enact the ritual. In exchange, he promises never to use the ritual on the PC. He'll also use his considerable influence to help the PCs significantly on their pilgrimage - money, occult wisdom, anything at all they need.

                            Twist: the occultist is honest in his dealings with the throng. If they help him control other golems, then he'll honor his word and do what he can to help them.


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                              The Sun Chaser:
                              Theres a tale that has been told by so many a Created, that its been become their equivalent of a wives tale, or a bad pick-up story. Most dont believe it, and those who do, dont know what to make of it. Every now and again, one of The Created tells a strange ramble. One about another of their kin, whom he met only briefly but who left a strange impression on him. It was at the break of dawn, allways at the break of dawn, when he was enjoying the spectacle, as he felt a flare of Azoth not too far from him. It is allways as if this pressence came out of nowhere, just as the sun christened the horizon. When The Created went to investigate, he found a tall figure, naked with flaring hair like the rays of the sun itself. It was as if the suns very rays were reflected off its celestial form. Sometimes, the curious Created only cought a glimpse of this person, while others managed to strike up a short conversation with it. However, in all cases, when the sun broke with the horizon, so too did the figure disappear. Those who have managed to converse with it, has described its form as not inherently female or male, but a strange amalgam of both and so too its voice. It speaks in a kind and rythmic tone, seeming to enjoy the occational conversation it can have as the sun embraces its naked body.
                              A few who has spoken to it, claims that a kind of adventurous spirit intermixed with a sense of sadness comes upon it, as the dawn starts to wane. Sometimes, the stories say, it disppears in a great ball of fire-light or ball lightning, while at other times it simply starts jogging away, allways to the west, in search of new dawns. Those who try to follow it, can keep up for only so long, for sooner or later, they all loose it. A sharp corner, a vision obscuring bramble or something as insignificant as looking away for instant, and the solar-figure is gone.

                              Who - or what - is this strange being? Those who have been in contact with it, stauncely deny that it shouid be a Quasmallim, stating that its flesh had texture and its voice had all the longing, emotion and desire that any Created posses. So far, those who have met it have done so only once, yet they have felt its celestial pressence resonate with them for long after. Its voice is so soothing and reassuring, that those who meet it seems to have their drive and determination towards their own new dawn renewed, as they witness this dawn-chaser embrace the sun so warmly. In fact, if one were to collect all the stories, one might start to notice a curious pattern in those that are visited by this being. Allways Created who are on the brink of falling to Torment...

                              Whatever the case may be, this celestial being remains an enigma to the Created, even those who have met it.