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Do you allow extempore and unfleshed in your games?

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  • Do you allow extempore and unfleshed in your games?

    I'm running a promethean chronicle in about a month, and one of the players is interested in playing an extempore, and another one wants to play an unfleshed.
    Do you allow them?

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    Haven't had the occasion to run Prommie, but would if I did. The players' experience is what matters, and any kind of special rarity is already relative given the general scarcity of Prometheans as a whole.


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      Same here. I doubt I'll ever manage to run Promethean, my players dislike it as much as I like it, but I would not object to anyone's table desire to play Unfleshed and Extempore.

      Prommies are weird and few, they have plenty of excuses to be special and bizarre. And if that would improve your players' enjoyement of the game, then it's even better.

      Unless you have strong narrative reasons to not allow them. Like, say, a main story arc. But generally speaking I'd think a lot before forbidding them even in that case: players have a better time when they get to play what they're interested with and it usually does come back and makes the experience better for all the people involved.

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        Since it's tangent to the discussion, we have a great post on these Forums with homebrew examples of the Unfleshed. It might possibly help you get over whatever reservations you have.

        Here's the Link.