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Apotheosis: an Osiran's "Pilgrimage" with the Ordo Dracul

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  • Apotheosis: an Osiran's "Pilgrimage" with the Ordo Dracul

    "No, no -- of course becoming human is a worthy goal, for you. You were made by human hands, from human materials; it's only natural that humanity is the goal to which you aspire. But my lineage is somewhat... higher. And so, necessarily, are my goals."

    Disclaimer: this isn't a "what good is Pilgrimage?" thread redux, or a meditation on the central themes of Promethean.

    Mission statement: this is a brainstorming & feedback request RE: the concept & mechanics sketched out below.

    Imagine an Osiran who takes the Lineage's divine backstory quite literally. Imagine that s/he believes, as a result, that Osirans' collective destiny is to undertake a special Pilgrimage: not to become human ("a laudable goal, for the 'lesser' Lineages"), nor to collapse into Flux ("ugh, what an utter waste of potential"), but to become as gods; that is, to replace the loathing and violence of Disquiet with terror and awe instead, that mortals might recognize how privileged they are to have Osiris' children walking amongst them.

    Transcending weakness is the Dragons' raison d'etre. Imagine further that this Osiran falls in with them and negotiates a partnership of sorts; assistance in joint R&D in exchange for a powerful daytime ally. Imagine that the resulting experiments bear fruit.

    As a rough draft, the resulting "Coil of Osiris" might look something like this:

    - Costs 4 Vitriol Experiences.

    - Replaces Disquiet with the mechanics of Sybaris (from Mummy: The Curse, pg. 147).

    - Terror Sybaris is triggered when the Osiran flares disfigurements. Other supernatural templates perceive this effect as a challenge, an unspoken demand that they prostrate themselves before the divine. This provokes a Clash of Wills; on failure, the other template applies the Guilty, Shaken, or Swooning Condition (their choice.) Alternatively, templates prone to frenzy may make a check therefor.

    - Unease Sybaris is triggered when the Osiran interacts socially with mortals (see Promethean: the Created, 2nd ed., pg. 173). Replace Sekhem with Azoth; replace Memory with Pilgrimage. (I.e. the more potent and less human the Osiran is, the more Unease Sybaris is going to &#^$ with the minds of nearby mortals.) The Osiran experiences a -2 Social penalty to non-Intimidation rolls against other supernatural templates (with the exception of Beasts.)

    Assistance in refining (pun mildly intended) this concept is welcome, as are thoughts on making similar "Coils" aimed at fire, Torment, and Wastelands. Throughout, please bear in mind the motivation behind this Osiran, and how it differs from both the Created at large and from the Hundred-Handed. The point isn't to become human, and the point isn't to stop striving and revel in being the monster you already are; the point is to transcend your condition and become something more. These "Coils" shouldn't eliminate weaknesses entirely, any more than the Dragons' Coils eliminate the weaknesses of being a vampire; but they should moderate them and perhaps even use them as sources of new strengths (e.g. the Coil of the Wyrm).

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    Sounds a lot like an Osiran stuck in Argentum would come up with! Will have to ponder more on mechanics.

    MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E


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      If your going with an idea of an Osiris becoming a God. It's probably be good figuring out he came up with the idea. Perhaps an interaction with an Arisen when he was going silver, saw what they could do and decided to emulate. Seeinf how yoir taking Sybaris I'd think it fit. As for interactions with the Dragons. I wouldn't think just spending Vitriol can justify with him getting abilities like this that is so diverged from the traditional powers. Consider how he is even able to develop these abilties with the help of the Defiant, which would probably be them using a Scale on the Osirian. Think of the process of how that Scale goes. Well that's all my ideas on a story perspective.



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        an ordo dracul member MIGHT want to chronicle a pilgrimage ... especialy if he pursues the coil of Ziva. then he can post his research anonymously online?


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          Well, for the Wasteland, you could take a look at Beast's Lair Traits, take something from the Ordo's Coils, et Voila, you get something like Wastelands that can be called down on a whim for some Pyros, and have a much slower build-up. Or maybe the Promethean can spent one WP, take one point of aggravated damage and thus extend the creation/extension of a wasteland by one day. Or go really, really, really overboard and give them the ability to call down a Firestorm when inside a Wasteland.

          Re: Fire, just take your cue from the Fourth Coil of the Ascendant "Peace with the Flame". Maybe go with "When not having flashed Disfigurements on this day, Fire deals Lethal damage", which would also provide additional incentive to not flash Disfigurements.

          Torment you could take from The Coils of the Wyrm, I suppose a variation on Stir the Beast • would be perfect: voluntarily entering Torment at a time and with a goal of their choosing, in exchange for additional dice to resist torment the next time they'd have to roll.