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    As a stopgap measure, I've worked up something of a model for how to do playable alchemists.


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      Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
      Short answer: No.

      Long answer: to my mind, the Promethean sub-splat would be playable alchemists. Human demiurges are also a thing, but they're not a splat: they're defined not by what they are or even what they do, but by what they did. These are not things to be covered in an Antagonists book; they belong in a Player's Guide.
      I would say Clones could be considered a sub-splat


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        Clones are more like Vampire's Revenants than a sub-splat. There's even a mechanism included for taking a Half-Formed and “upgrading” it to a full-blown Promethean. By contrast, other games' sub-splats are mostly regular humans who can partake in the metaphysical dynamics of the game (Geist is the exception to this: its sub-splat is playable ghosts).


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          The updated version of NH: The Tormented says

          • Intensity: Zeky have a radioactive Intensity equal to their Azoth rating.

          Should this be taken to mean even outside of disquiet, wasteland, disfigurements, etc., an Azoth 5 zeky is killing everyone in the area under 2 minutes? My problem isn't so much that this is too nasty, but that it makes their disquiet conditions really weak by comparison and unlikely to apply.


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            Are we going to get any more Promethean products? 1st ed Promethean and Mummy had a very planned out set of books, like a full cycle. Now that we are in 2nd ed though we aren't publish and Ouroboros of books, we are more tentative with releasing books. But do we know if we are going to get more Promethean outside of Dark Eras?

            It is a time for great deeds!


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              Not yet. There's a lot of hoping for a Player's Guide; but so far, there's no sign of one.