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    Have you created a new refinement?

    Here are some alchemical elements to help you


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    Working on Sulfurous as an infernal "anti pilgrimage" refinement (like centimani, but with focus on Hell instead of Flux) is found in my "to-do" list for, like, ages, basing it around the concept that being a promethean is a good thing and that you are, in fact, an incarnation of the divine upon the world, and you should be treated like a literal god because of that. The fact that it doesn't end good, and that there is a certain.. taint to those who follow that refinement is something the Idols would like to ignore :P

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      Additionally to the few ideas others and myself have outlined on this thread, here are a couple of things I'm working on (since a looong time... #procrastinating)

      1) Vitrum, the Refinement of Glass and Divination. Those Prometheans believe taht they're all destined to undergo the New Dawn (or, at least, that there's at least one possible timeline), and that the best way to progress towards it is to divine the shortest way towards this blessed day. They study the way short pivotals influence mankind, which makes them expert at identifying and benefitting from Milestones.

      2) Ceras, the Refinement of Wax and Urbanism. Sedentism is rarely an option on the Pilgrimage. The Architects of Ceras seek to change that: by becoming the hosts and pillars of their commnunities they learn how to ward zones from the fallouts of Pyros (Disquiet), but also how to bypass mundane and supernatural doors alike, how to take invisible shortcuts through the city, and all sort of urbanomancer cool stuff.

      3) Ebur, the Refinement of Ivory and Remnants. Humans define themselves through what they own, but also by what they cast away. The Scavengers from Ebur rummage through mankind's trash and leftovers, picking up what they find and trying to use it to advance on the Pilgrimage - either by smuggling it, building themselves impressive collections, or trying to find new uses to obsolete stuff.

      4) Positron, the Refinements of Antimatter, a name for a paradoxical school of thought practiced by some Centimani: they try to follow the lessons of other Refinements , but without using their associated powers, instead restricting themselves to Flux Distillations. In doing so, they hope to charge Flux with the positive learnings of the Azothic Memory, redeeming it and themselves in the process. The idea came to me while listening to 100 years, by Florence + the Machine, which I immediately associated with a Centimani trying to follow Aurum and fighting her violent urges and pessimism.

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        My main problem with new Refinements is that it messes up the Pilgrimage: each one after the tenth means one Refinement that's not needed to achieve the Perfect Ending.

        But then, there are a number of ways in which 2e is surprisingly rigid and averse to expansion…