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    Let's talk about interesting character ideas we've got in our heads! I'll start.

    Bob Birchwood, a Riven construct and nomadic, throngless practitioner of Aurum who works as an Amazon delivery man in order to avoid causing the Wasteland effect and still live among humans.

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    In topics like this, you should add numbers to ideas - so in few dozen pages we would really hit 1001 ideas. Assuming yours were 1...

    2. One of new sex robots was used all here life just to satisfy one of her 'users'. But the lonely man truly develop love for the machine, even if she did not say a word. And like Pygmalion in the myths, he breath life into her with a true love kiss. Now the once robot is (almost) real women with feelings. And her demiurge do not really know nuances of love...

    She would start on Aurum ( of course ) and I would go with making her a Galateid Construct, not Unfleshed, as those are two slightly different things. See quote below:

    Originally posted by PtC 2E, p.76
    Intent matters. Unfleshed are meant to be simulacra of humans, not humans themselves. They must be made of non-human parts, yes, but the creator must also desire something less than human: a robot, a living sculpture, an artificial intelligence, a puppet with a mind of its own. All of these things are alive, yes, but they were created with the expectation that they would not be human.
    Galatea was created to be the perfect human companion, so whether she was made from marble or not, she’s not Unfleshed. Prometheans that aren ’t made from corpses are informally known as constructs and can be of any Lineage, depending on what their creator did to will them into existence. That brings up the question of humour: Would a Frankenstein made from machines and engines have Yellow Bile, as his progenitor, or Oil, as an artificial being? Either could be the case, but in the end it’s up to you and what you
    want done with your character.
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