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    To follow up on the last two pieces of advice; be fans of the player characters. Encourage them to advance, to do stuff, to go out into the world and do things. And if that doesn't work, give them a kick up the backside to get them moving. The Principle has Lilithim for a reason, after all.

    Additionally, when designing Milestones, never decide what the "correct" outcome should be. Milestones are choices. They're moments of clarity and understanding. Milestones are about learning how to be human, and there's no wrong way to be human (You can make some freaking awful choices and still be human. Admittedly, killing is a step backwards, so being amongst the worst humanity has to offer is... probably not the Principle's intention). Choice defines the Milestone. Let the characters come to their own conclusions, then award Vitriol based on how impactful it seems to be for the character.

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      Originally posted by Arcanist View Post
      Admittedly, killing is a step backwards
      Not even just "killing," in fact! Killing by supernatural means — including "you wouldn't be able to be this strong/smart/persuasive if you weren't a monster" — is what makes a given murder a step backwards. You can totally have e.g. "kill somebody to protect your throngmates" be the resolution of a character's milestone and not have it risk losing out on net Pilgrimage gains.

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