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So what, do Praecipitati last more than one scene now?

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  • So what, do Praecipitati last more than one scene now?

    Core says they only last one scene. Yet there are two here and talked about as if they last more than one scene. Is this a change, or error, or what?

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    Short answer: yes.

    Long answer: We wanted to include praecipati in Tormented, and the moment we included a history for them (ie how they were created) that also meant they existed for more than one scene. Not to mention that plothooks and rumours required an existence longer than 1 scene. And without those things, they're just stats and not really valuable enough to include in a Night Horrors book.

    Both come with reasons why they breaks the mold though--Cuvier has a sublimatus patron keeping it fed (providing the fuel for physical coherence), while Project Ishtar is partially sublimatus (providing mental coherence). Up to you if you want to use them in a game, or stick to the core rule of 1 scene only.

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      Good to know, thank you!


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        What are Praecipitati, in general?

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          Horrific fusions of multiple pandorans, but as they take a week or so to create and only last one scene, they are close to unusable in a storyline, unless there are special circumstances.