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What's your opinion on the Jovian?

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  • What's your opinion on the Jovian?

    I find it really really interesting, for many reason, especially its capability as a powerful plot device.

    Also, what origin would you like him to have? I'm torn between the qashmal and the god-machine ones

    My English sucks. Sorry.

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    I think he serves as an excellent foil to the principle. the idea of continually dragging an agonizing existence in the guise of wisdom is interesting, along with how indirect the jovian is.

    as for origins, I do love the fallen qashmal one. to think that just one of these things losing it's way could lead to such a stagnating force


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      I tend to view Promethean as a sort of Christian allegory, a bit like the book Pilgrim’s Progress — though not quite so blunt. In this view, the Principle takes the role of God, sending its qashmal agents to guide and test the Created on their Pilgrimage when It isn’t guiding them “directly” through Elpis Visions. In this view, the Jovian takes on the role of the Devil, seeking to undermine the Principle’s plans for the Created and to prevent them from completing their Pilgrimage.

      I generally view the Jovian as a fallen archqashmal; not the only one ever to have fallen, but the only one that has survived. It doesn’t attempt to disrupt the Pilgrimage out of spite, at least not entirely. It does so out of self-interest: every Centimanus or Petrificatus feeds the Jovian by its mere existence; so the more Prometheans the Jovian can lead astray, the more powerful it becomes.

      If more than one Jovian exists, the power from the failed Prometheans gets split between them; so it has sought out and destroyed every other Jovian, sort of like a dark, morbid version of Highlander: there can be only one. This is also why it doesn’t destroy Prometheans: it has nothing to gain by doing so if they stay on the Pilgrimage; plenty to gain if it can cause them to fail; and something to lose if they die after they have failed. There’s no percentage in letting any Promethean perish.

      So how does a qashmal Fall? I don’t know quite yet; but I’m thinking that the Contagion might have something to do with it.


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        I like the idea of not giving a concrete origin point. Giving rumours and hints at some greater story but leaving it fundamentally mysterious.


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          Surprisingly enough, the Jovian does not approve of Centimani (p. 159). It wants Prometheans to be stuck on the Pilgrimage, not to leave it altogether.



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            Originally posted by Teatime View Post
            Surprisingly enough, the Jovian does not approve of Centimani (p. 159). It wants Prometheans to be stuck on the Pilgrimage, not to leave it altogether.
            was gonna say that Dataweaver. the Jovian will actively get rid of the hundred handed ones. it's important to note that the jovian is not an agent of flux (as in destruction). he is an agent of stagnation more than anything (its important to note that just like the archqashmal, the jovian does not represent creative or destructive force