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The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson and Promthean

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  • The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson and Promthean

    I know Fairy tale motifs Are more of a Changling thing but I think some of Hand Christen Anderson Fairy Tales Are a Good inspiration For Promthean,

    ‘The little Mermaid’ could be seen as a Pilgrimage where the Mermaid Suffers Horribly To become A Human And gain a soul.

    Similar to The journey Promtheans go though to become a human and gain a Soul.

    ‘The Ugly duckling’ could Also be taken as a Promthean story if a bit more lighter.

    With the Cygnet Suffring ostracism Before turning into a Beautiful swan.

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    The Ugly Duckling is the story of the dangers of trying to be something you are not.

    Alternately it is the story of realizing that you can have true value even if the ducks chase you out.

    Alternately it is the story of a child who is rejected by the ducks they look nothing like and the swans they don't know how to communicate with.

    I guess what I'm saying is that the Ugly Duckling seems like the story of achieving a milestone, not of completing the Magnum Opus.

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      I know she's not a HCA character, but I've thought about setting a PTC game in the Nordic lands and throwing in Pippi Longstocking as a Promethean lol


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        One minor problem with The Ugly Duckling for Promethean is that The Ugly Duckling achieves a fullness of self simply by realizing what was there all along, which doesn't quite mesh with the fact that the Promethean Pilgrimage is a long alchemical process of making their flesh and this world their world. Sure, there's a lot of self-acceptance in that story, but there is just as much learning to bend yourself to the world you wish to join. Acceptance isn't a one-way street for Promethean, they don't get to just be whole by asserting self-they have to learn about the world and people in it, and grow up, learn and change in accordance to that experience (More Maturity and Genuine Empathetic Connection than Conformity, in case that makes you wonder*). Prometheans sincerely are not-human beings trying to become human, and their power is that they can succeed.

        Ugly Duckling's more of a Beast story, where in you realize yourself in all your terrible, awesome glory. Relevant to this comparison is that swan's blood was noted in medieval bestiaries to be hot enough to melt diamonds, which should Make You Wonder.

        All of that aside, Andersen's stories of transformation do provide a marvelous context and backdrop for Promethean's own transformative themes, yes.

        *"If you want a game about embracing your otherness in a rejection of the world, play Beast. If you want a game about discovering how your otherness can actually bring you into an embrace of the world, and to be embraced in return, play Promethean", as someone once said.
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