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Dark Eras 2 KS update: The Faceless (WWI Lineage)

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    Noting your feedback, everyone! I'll be making some changes before release

    Matthew Dawkins
    In-House Developer for Onyx Path Publishing



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      Originally posted by Leliel View Post
      Yeah, given the exact language used, I think the writer may have been thinking WoD rather than CofD.
      Not the first time this has happened in the new material, though Half-Damned was far more egregious.

      The talk about rolled Defense made me think as much, too, but I do remember reading a throwaway line in a Condition (in Beast, I think?) that seemed to imply that rolled Defense was intended to be more common in 2E than just as part of a Dodge, so I suppose it's possible that it's also lingering design space from that, too.


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        I do agree with what is said. Luckily fixes are quite easy to accomplish, provided that they aren’t addressed with the update.

        Chem Shell in particular doesn’t need much to retool into something far more balanced, but still powerful. My initial thoughts is to make it a 0A weapon, shortening the Radius to ten feet and allowing for a possible Dex + Athletics roll to avoid the initial damage, while still leaving a threat for getting the Poisoned Tilt inflicted upon the enemy/ player