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Saturnine Night. “Water of Life” Adventure the Principle and the God-Machine

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  • Saturnine Night. “Water of Life” Adventure the Principle and the God-Machine

    As it says in ‘the Waste of Life” adventures there’s a “God-Machine” that’s a bunch of Machinery under a salt mine.and thanks to the PC’s Throwing some Pryos infused Uncompleted Clones In starts to Pump radiation into Detroit a “qashmallim” appears and if asked says that it’s the Principle’s Plan to Irradiated Detroit, or throw two Promtheans into the God-Machine.

    Was it just the God-Machine And a Angel posing as the Principle and a qashmallim?

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    Remember that when that story was written, the God-Machine was just a brief story in the World of Darkness core rulebook; it wasn't defined, and wouldn't be for, what, another decade? In fact, when they finally did define the God-Machine, they used Engines of Creation as a source of inspiration. As well, they did it as part of rebooting the new World of Darkness into what would shortly thereafter become the Chronicles of Darkness. So with all that in mind, a bit of retconning is acceptable.

    In this case, yes; the Angel that was summoned by the Infrastructure under Detroit was in fact one of the God-Machine's Angels and not an Arch-Qashmal as Saturnine Night claimed. It wasn't necessarily posing; it's just that qashmallim and Angels are easy to mistake for each other.


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      I know. Their was also Beast like Characters in a Mage source book 8 years before beasts became a game line. Edit,it was chimerical beasts from secrets of the ruined temple.
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