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  • Promethean- healing

    Can Promethean’s spend pyros to heal without electricity?

    On 170 it states “While healing from electrical exposure, the Promethean can also spend Pyros to heal. This healing is reflexive. One Pyros heals one lethal damage or two bashing damage. Three Pyros heals one point of aggravated damage. The Promethean is limited by her normal per-turn Pyros expenditure as determined by her Azoth (see p. 169). Further, she’s limited by the time she’s able to absorb electricity.”

    I understand speeding up healing to prevent a short out but, is the intention to not ally healing with electricity?

    The book also states the Prometheans heal at a faster rate than mortals so I know characters can heal without electricity. I am trying to figure out if they can heal with pyros quickly without electricity.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I'd assume not. If its not listed as one of the uses for pyros among what you can spend it on naturally when it talks about pyros alone I wouldn't think so