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  • Porkchop2073
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    Looking for players


    Interested in playing a Promethean in a setting from the past? Looking for a player driven story with a set group of players? Well, then I might have the game for you.

    I am looking to run a 2nd Ed Chronicles of Darkness, Dark Eras game set in the year 1348 and located around York England as the Black Plague creeps into the north of England. This will be a mixed splat game so players can be a Vampire or one of the Created.
    Promethean the created 2nd edition for character creation.
    This will be a mixed game and we are looking for one more player to play a Promethean.

    About me as your Story Teller - I have been playing and running World of Darkness games since 1993 and I prefer a character driven story over a hack & slash game. Generally, there is as much action as is created by the players’ actions. My last game ran on Roll20 lasted for 2 years and was a WOD Dark Age game set in Italy. I try to be fair and generally fall to the side of game balance. This will be my first Chronicles of Darkness game but I have experience running multiple different systems.

    I am looking to have one more player to the game who can play a Promethean.
    This will be a weekly game played on Tuesday night starting at 9:00 pm eastern and running to 11:30 or midnight at the latest. I use voice and text for the game interface.
    The game is posted on Roll20 called the Soulless and the dead.
    A Discord channel will be used for chat and voice for the game.

    The Location
    York is the northern capital of the English kingdom ruled by King Edward III. The 14th century is a time of change for the country as years of drought have ended with unending rains that have rotted crops in the ground earlier in the decade. The black plague is now starting to swallow the European continent and northern England watches as the plague creeps closer. At the same time the country is now at war with Scotland and the City of York is the northern staging grounds for the armies under Edward III. York is the financial powerhouse that is funding the current war with Scotland and it also boasts three hospitals and several churches with the Archbishopric in St. Peter’s Cathedral, the largest structure in Northern England.

  • Nicolas Milioni
    I would Love to participate!

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