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Zeky and Colossus... Thoughts on what would happen?

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  • Zeky and Colossus... Thoughts on what would happen?

    Hey all, Korogra here! Now I do not know who here has read the Contagion Chronicle preview, but one of my favorite settings in it has to be Milton Keynes and it’s Contagious Promethean/Would-be rival for the God-Machine Colossus, especially with how it interacts with other Created.. it’s so seductively damning for those who are trying to actually complete their Pilgrimage! One has to wonder though, what do you suppose would happen if Colossus encountered one of the Children Of The Bomb?

    I personally think it would be almost afraid of them, due to their Azoth being so different to what it feeds from, who knows how their radioactive Humour would react to the Contagion! Hmm.. perhaps the mix of its corrupted Azoth and the radioactive Azoth might jumpstart its own Great Work... or it might spawn something even more dangerous and uncontrollable. Oh, what if the presence of a Zeka interferes with its ability to control angels and Infrastructure, like the Promethean is an occult EMP generator? So many possibilities!

    But what do you all think would happen, I’d love to hear your theories!