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A bit of Promethean inspiration

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  • A bit of Promethean inspiration

    I recently remembered an old short story that I read in a book of short horror stories compiled by Alfred Hitchcock. Looking through the story list I think it must have been It! by Theodore Sturgeon.

    The story involves being that is essentially a dead body reanimated by some kind of strange plant or fungus. In a particularly Promethean turn it doesn't quite understand the world or life and spends time trying to figure things out. I specifically remember a point where it kills a dog or coyote and notices the eyes remain closed after it dies. When night falls and it can no longer see it reasons that it too must be dead and proceeds to do its best to imitate the dead dog.

    I haven't read the story in years so I don't know what else is in there, but that part always stuck with me.

    Mage: The Ice-ension: An Epic Game of Reality on the Rink

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    That’s pretty cool thanks for the rec.