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    Because it was stated in the core book that other Bestowments can exist in your Promethean chronicle, has anyone thought up any new Bestowments to add to the list of options for the different Lineages (and Matchless)? Also, since I've only just skimmed through my copy of the book, can someone clarify for me whether or not it's possible to develop additional Bestowments?

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    Minor conversions for three separate Bestowments. Two are from the Promethean supplements, while the third is the Hollow Bestowment from Dark Eras.

    Bin Gereh: Endless Night
    After being killed, Bin Gereh spends but a single night dead. He wakes with the dawn, wholly healed and “alive". Unlike Osirans (who take Persistent Conditions) and other Prometheans (who only return to life once), dying does not seem to “expend” Bin Gereh’s ability to revive himself. When traveling through war-filled areas, he has on occasion been killed, woken with the dawn and been slaughtered again within moments, the process repeating sometimes for days on end. Not even complete destruction of his body kills him for good. In truth, he is invulnerable to death while on land - the result of being brought into being by history’s greatest earthquake. He cannot, however, resurrect himself from drowning, and cannot use his Endless Night Bestowment while aboard a sea-going vessel or while immersed in sufficiently large quantities of water.

    Hollow: Unending Hunger
    The Hollow can spend a point of Pyros to reflexively activate this power whenever he or someone near him (within 20 feet) is attacked. For each success on a Manipulation + Occult roll, he absorbs a point of bashing damage and converts it into Pyros or Willpower in any combination he chooses. At the end of the scene, though, she suffers half the accumulated damage, rounded up. A Hollow can absorb multiple attacks in a turn, but the player must activate the power and roll for each one. If he uses this Bestowment against lethal and aggravated damage, he instead downgrades it by one level per success.

    Ulgan: Orphean Song
    The Ulgan knows a strange, ancient song. When he sings it, it charms ghosts and spirits to sleep. The player spends one Pyros and rolls Presence + Occult, contested by the entity's Resistance. On a failed Resistance roll, an entity who hears the song falls into a deep sleep for 24 hours. If a given entity is using the Image or Materialize Manifestation, it immediately dissolves back to Twilight. Ridden affected by the Bestowment, though, do not leave their hosts. Instead, they relinquish control for the next 24 hours.
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      I have a couple:

      Shadow, being born of dreams, is not entirely material. He can spend a point of Pyros to enter the Twilight state. He's technically astral in this state, so he can't interact with ghosts, spirits or angels, but he can enter the dreams of sleeping mortals and Prometheans with a Presence + Occult roll. When in Twilight or in a dream, he uses the rules for dream form (using Willpower for health, using mental Attributes as Power/Finesse/Resistance, etc.) If he is Soul-Shocked in this state, he returns to physical being and must roll for Torment.

      Devil Whispers
      Judas was created by his Ulgan father partly by accident. While he was made purposefully, the spirits who tore apart his body weren't really spirits, but Demons of the Inferno. When he arose, his father attempted to destroy him, mistaking him for Pandoran, but he escaped. He can inspire those around him to vice and cruelty with his Bestowment, spend a point of Pyros and rolling Manipulation + Subterfuge. If successful, the target can't benefit from his Virtue for a Scene, but gains an extra Willpower for acting on Vice. If the target acts on Vice, Judas regains the Pyros spent and gains another Pyros on top of it as he feeds on their vice.

      Ecstatic Agony
      The Prophets, lost to time before the birth of the Wretched, could derive great wisdom from their suffering. When a Prophet suffers Lethal damage in excess of their Stamina, or any amount of Aggravated damage, they can roll their Azoth + the damage suffered (+3 if that damage was Aggravated) to immediately receive an Elpis vision, once per scene.

      The Gears Speak
      Purporting himself to be the "original" Unfleshed, the Foreman has an uncanny knack for mechanisms and machinery. He can spend 1 Pyros and roll Wits + Enigmas or Computers to intuit the general function of a device. Even supernatural devices are not beyond his perception, provided they are chiefly mechanical or electronic in form and function (for example, some Demonic gadgets or parascientific Wonders).

      Pillar of Salt
      Edith was born of seawater, when some unknown Nepri attempted to create progeny. At first he believed the ritual had failed, but after a day and night, she rose, the salt of the sea suffusing her form. Unusually for the Created, she can resist the flames, allowing her to downgrade damage from fire like any other damage. However, she begins to metaphysically dissolve in water, taking 1 bashing damage when she is doused in freshwater or spends a turn submerged in it.

      Sickly Sweet
      Wax was synthesized from plastic and chemicals, and when he wants, he can still reek of the compounds and solvents that helped make his form. By spending 1 Pyros, he can inflict a Moderate Sick tilt on any living beings within arm's reach. Those with particularly delicate senses of smell might suffer the Grave version.

      Spirit Eater
      The Ulgan is born almost as much of the spirit as of flesh and Fire. Riven with this Bestowment can tear away Essence with the right tools, absorbing some wisp of it and converting it to Pyros. The first time in a Scene that a Riven uses a Bane to inflict damage upon an ephemeral being, they regain 1 Pyros.

      Dread Hunger
      Wendigo are born, according to legend, when a desperate person lost in the wilderness resorts to cannibalism. This isn't entirely accurate, as the Wendigo only arises after such a person dies and is infused with the Fire. Wendigo are a naturally feral lineage, and can gain succor from human flesh more easily. A Wendigo who engages in cannibalism (eating human or Promethean flesh) replenishes 1 point of Pyros per pound eaten (or per Lethal damage inflicted in eating, if the victim is alive during the feeding). This is still a Breaking Point against the Pilgrimage, and each point of Pyros replenished adds a cumulative -1 penalty to the roll.

      Dead Reckoning
      The first Revenant was thought to have been born during the fall of the Roman Empire, when a man driven mad at the death of his son by Visigoths demanded the gods grant him vengeance. His son's mangled body rose and laid waste to the Visigoth camp before wandering away to help avenge other murders, before his own child slew him in vengeance for his death. When a Nemesis attacks a person who has inflicted Lethal or Aggravated damage against them or assisted in the death of their body's previous owner, they can spend 1 Pyros to increase their dice pool for the attack by 3.

      Idiot's Lantern
      As mankind evolves, so too must the Fire. With the advent of mass communication, some Created have found that the Fire behaves strangely over the airwaves. The Galateid can use Distillations that require their presence to affect some mental effect, provided it doesn't have a specific target, through live audio or video transmissions (TV, radio, livestreaming, etc.) by charging it with 1 additional point of Pyros. As a drawbakc, however, their Disquiet also spreads across such means. This doesn't take effect for recordings viewed after the fact, even if it was recorded while the Bestowment was active.
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        Here are some more conversions and homebrew.

        Aeolipilus: Clockwork Motion
        Naturally quick and dexterous, Aeolipilus' movements are inhumanly precise. When taking any actions with the Dexterity Attribute, he benefits from the 8-again rule and gains an exceptional success on three successes instead of five.

        Galateid: Charisma's Shield
        The Galateid projects an an aura of inviolability that makes all but the most strong-willed individuals find it difficult to inflict harm on her. She can reflexively spend a point of Pyros when she see someone try to attack her. The assailant must succeed in a Resolve + Composure roll, or suffer the Beaten Down Tilt towards her for the scene.

        Galateid: Purity of Hope
        Owing to his sanguine humour and deep faith, the Galateids is particularly attuned to the insights of Elpis visions. Whenever he rolls Wits + Azoth to interpet such a vision, he gains an exceptional success at three successes instead of five.

        Frankenstein: Tempered Rage
        While no less susceptible to it compared to other Prometheans, a Frankenstein has an instinctive understanding of Torment that allows him to keep it in check. He gains an exceptional success on Torment rolls at three successes instead of five.

        Legion: Genesis Swarm
        Legion’s cohesive, humanoid form is due to the Divine Fire. But they can still cause themselves to dissolve into the swarm of microscopic particles suspended in the Genesis Material through effort. By spending a point of Pyros, he can use the Malleable Form Dread Power at three dots for the scene.

        Mircea: Fire and Blood
        The Blood is Life, and Mircea is every to draw power from it as his Kindred progenitor could. For every point of blood he consumes from a living human, he regains a point of Pyros.

        Osiran: Flow of Knowledge
        An Osiran's phlegmatic humour makes him prone to contemplation, especially on matters of what lies beyond death. When taking any actions with the Intelligence Attribute, he achieves exceptional success on three successes instead of five.

        Piker: Moon's Rage
        Piker can incite others into a berserk fury by calling upon the power of his humour. By spending a point of Pyros, Piker can make enrage a person within his field of vision. This inflicts the Berserk Condition for the scene.

        Tachanka: Engine of War
        Tachanka was a weaponized drone given life with the Divine Fire. By reflexively spending a point of Pyros, he can transform a limb into a firearm with a damage rating of 3L. The gun shoots projectiles created by his Azoth, and can make use of any Firearms-based Merits.

        Tammuz: Stone Skin
        The Golem is sturdier than normal, and this allows him to shrug off injuries that would eventually stop even most other Created. By spending a point of Pyros as a reflexive action, he gains 3/3 Armor for the scene.

        The Traveling Man: Caught in Dreams
        By spending Pyros and rolling Wits + Empathy vs. the target's Resolve, the Traveling Man can delve into and influence the dreams of any person he is touching. This allows him to perform Oneiromancy and Oneiromachy like a changeling, substituting Azoth in place of Wyrd. Disquiet can still affect the dreamer, however.
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          Another batch of Conversions and Homebrew.

          Heart of Stone [Galateid]
          A Galateid can spend Pyros to turn into an inanimate statue for four hours, unless she chooses to end the effect sooner. The exact appearance varies between individuals. She has a Durability equal to Stamina, and translates any points of Structure lost into lethal damage when she changes back. The Galateid does not cause Disquiet or the Wasteland in this form, and can roll Wits + Azoth to become aware of anyone who approaches her. If she wishes to know more than the fact that there’s someone near, she must change back into flesh. Members of a branded throng (if any) are detected without the need of a roll.

          Heart of the Sea [Miko]
          Miko bears the wrath of the stormy sea, and few can stand against her once she brings it to bear. Whenever she rolls for an action using Presence or Resolve, she gains an exceptional success on three successes instead of five. If she spends Willpower to boost those dice pools, she doubles the dice bonus.

          Light of Dawn [Eris]
          Eris is never truly shrouded in shadows. The Divine Fire within her shines so brightly that it wraps around her as a faint aura whenever there is no other light. She takes no penalties from visual perception rolls made in darkness, and is immune to both the Blind Condition and Blinded Tilt.

          Night Terror [Dagda]
          Although his creator was a Muse, Dagda awoke as something tied to human fears instead. Whenever he makes eye contact with someone, he may spend a point of Pyros to inflict the Frightened Condition towards him for the scene. If the target is already suffering from Disquiet, he must spend an additional Willpower point to suppress its effects.

          Siren's Alure [Galateid]
          Even at the most inopportune of moments, the Galateid's sanguine humour can bring a given situation to work out in her favor. Whenever she performs Social Maneuvering, her first impression is raised by one step.

          Sorrow of the Dead [Ulgan]
          Intimately tied to the grief of death, the Ulgan understands loss, and feels a tremendous burden that she longs to alleviate through achieving the Great Work. By calling upon that sorrow as a weapon, she can drain a person's will to live. After spending Pyros and making a successful touch action, the Promethean can siphon from a target Willpower points equal to successes on a Manipulation + Intimidation roll. She can only do this against a given target once per chapter, and suffers the higher of his Resolve or Composure as a dice penalty.

          The Longing [Hollow]
          The Hollows are attuned to the hungers and desires of others, and they can call upon the Divine Fire to stoke them to greater heights. By spending a Pyros point and touching his target, the Hollow can inflict the Obsession Condition keyed to one of his desires. If the desire is tied to one of his Aspirations, he instead gains the 8-again quality on rolls for pursuing his obsessions and subtracts 1s from successes on all other actions.

          The Scrutiny [Lighthouse]
          Prometheans are driven to know. They collect lore, knowledge and what passes for wisdom among the half-living. Lighthouse, however, is possessed of keen insight - a preternatural ability to gaze into the darkness and withdraw truth from the shadows. He can look into the very Azoth of another Promethean and see the Quinta Essentia of what guides them unseen. While touching a character, he can spend a point of Pyros and roll Intelligence + Azoth to trigger an Elpis Vision. On a success, the character can roll to interpet the vision with a +3 dice bonus. This Bestowment can benefit a given Created once per story, and does not produce a Wasteland.

          Unflappable [The Page of Cups]
          When taking any action which uses Resolve or Composure, the Page gains an exceptional success at three successes instead of five. If the action involves resisting a form of coercion, she gains a +3 bonus to the roll.
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            More Bestowments.

            Blessing of the Earth [Tammuz]
            Even after he rises from the ground, a Tammuz can draw upon his connection to it in order to enact minor miracles. By imbuing Pyros into a handful of dirt and smearing it upon a person, he can mend injuries or stave off disease. Each point of Pyros invested allows him to heal bashing damage or downgrade lethal damage. Each instance of the Bestowment triggers a Disquiet roll if used on or in the presence of mortals and most supernaturals.

            Deathly Grace [Osiris]
            Deft and nimble in his actions, the Nepri is capable of reacting with inhuman efficiency to most situations. He gains a +3 bonus to divide between his Defense, Initiative, and Speed, and can reallocate them between the three Advantages as a reflexive action.

            Emissary [Ulgan]
            The Ulgan belongs in neither the Shadow nor the Underworld, but he can intuitively communicate with entities of both realms. He enjoys a +2 dice bonus to any Social actions with ghosts or spirits, and subtracts one Door from the number he must open through Social Maneuvering.

            Furious Will [Frankenstein]
            A Frankenstein's choleric humour makes him prone to holding vendettas, but it also empowers him should he choose to indulge them. Whenever he rolls for an action meant to further a grudge, he benefits from a +3 dice bonus. If this would cause him to regain a Willpower point through his Torment, the Frankenstein does not take penalties to his next Torment roll.

            Unity [Unfleshed]
            An Unfleshed is often baffled by the contradictions of humankind, but he easily grasps the advantage behind individuals who work in concert with each other. When rolling for a teamwork action, whether as primary or secondary actor, he enjoys a +3 bonus.

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              Breath of Smoke
              Meat Suit was born when a Strix-possessed corpse was caught in a Firestorm. While most of his "father's" body was burned away in the Divine Fire, small traces of its smoky being remain. He can spend 1 Pyros to "exhale" his consciousness as a body of smoke and embers. This form is still physical and not ephemeral, but is made of smoke. As a result, while he can still charge any Alembics he knows, he cannot actually use any physical Distillations in this state. He uses Presence, Manipulation and Composure as a simplified Power, Finesse and Resistance Attributes in this state, and he can return to his body at any time by entering through the mouth or nose. At the end of every scene he spends in this state without returning to his body, he must spend another point of Pyros or suffer 1 Aggravated damage. The body itself is inactive but still "alive". Pandorans who want Vitriol from him need to attack his body, not his smoke form.

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                Gatekeeper [Ulgan]
                With one foot in the ephemeral, the Ulgan is able to tear open a passage into the realms of ghosts and spirits. By rolling Wits + Occult and spending a Willpower point, he can create a Gateway to the Shadow or the Underworld. If his destination is the former, he suffers a penalty equal to the area's Gauntlet Strength. If it is the latter, it is made at a -3 penalty unless it is used in a site resonant with death.

                Lightning Rod [Frankenstein]
                The Wretched is given life through electricity, and quickly regains his strength in its presence. Whenever he is exposed to electricity, he heals an additional point of damage and regains an extra point of Pyros per turn.

                Spell Breaker [Hex]
                As Brontium wires were built into his robotic frame, Hex's Divine Fire is especially impervious to supernatural tampering. He enjoys a +3 bonus when contesting or resisting supernatural powers which directly target him.

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                  Would giving an ability the Rote Action quality be too weak for a Bestowments? (Meant for an Unfleshed robot to reflect the work they were designed for)

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                    Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
                    Would giving an ability the Rote Action quality be too weak for a Bestowments? (Meant for an Unfleshed robot to reflect the work they were designed for)
                    It depends on where you are applying the rote quality to. I'm assuming it's Skills?

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                      Originally posted by Deionscribe View Post

                      It depends on where you are applying the rote quality to. I'm assuming it's Skills?
                      Oh yes, sorry (confused WoD and ChoD terminology for a sec).

                      Would a Skill getting the rote quality be powerful enough?

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                        Sanguine Victory [Unfleshed]
                        Think “T-1000”. The character is in fact a colony of nanites that can take on human form. Rules are as per 1e's Sanguine Victory Pandoran Transmutation.


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                          Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
                          Sanguine Victory [Unfleshed] Think “T-1000”. The character is in fact a colony of nanites that can take on human form. Rules are as per 1e's Sanguine Victory Pandoran Transmutation.
                          That's more or less my conversion of Legion's Bestowment here.
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                            Your link is broken.


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                              Dataweaver it's fixed.

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