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    So, I've started tinkering with Promethean, because holy hell I love this game. What I've been working on so far is mostly updating some Pandoran Transmutations into Dread Powers, but I also made an effort to tackle the Incorruptible Merit and the Multi-Limbed Combat Fighting Style. A couple of the Dread Powers I adapted use Idigam Dread Powers as the base, but I personally think they work rather well. Also came up with something that might break the Vitriol economy for Pandorans, but we'll see how it's received.

    I'll be posting stuff here periodically, but I'm opening this thread up as a place where anyone can add whatever delicious bits of Promethean goodness they can think of. Better to pool our resources together and get some constructive criticism going.


    Dread Powers

    Perfected Bezoar (o - ooooo)
    Cost: None Dice Pool: None
    Flux is a force of rapid, entropic change, but only in the presence of something it can break down. When all is said and done, the natural inclination of Flux is to calcify, to become inert. These solidified deposits of Flux can be found in Pandorans, and rarely in the bellies of animals that have spent a long time living in a Wasteland. When purchasing this Dread Power, select a broad source of harm, such as Acid, Fire, Disease, Poison, or Injury. Attacks falling within the categories only inflict a single point of Bashing damage, unless they gain an Exceptional Success, at which point they inflict damage normally. If the source of harm would be considered a Personal or Environmental Tilt, they are rendered entirely immune.

    Titan’s Form (o - ooooo)
    Cost: 1 Pyros per +1 Size Dice Pool: None Action: Reflexive
    With this Dread Power, a Pandoran may alter its own structure, applying the same principles of its Transhuman Potential to its base physical form. The Pandoran may spend a point of Pyros for every point of Size it wishes to grow, to a maximum of their points in this Dread Power. This change lasts for a scene. In addition to the equal boost in Health due to increased Size, the Pandoran becomes an overwhelming physical force, gaining the 8-again quality to attack rolls so long as a character is of smaller Size than them and adding Armor equal to their unmodified Stamina.

    Flux Attunement (o)
    Wastelands are the closest thing that Pandorans have to a natural habitat, an environment that has become suffused and blighted by Flux. They may leverage their sympathetic connection to the Flux in the environment around them for even greater power. So long as the Pandoran remains within the Wasteland, they add its Effective Azoth to their Physical dice pools and all Dread Power dice pools, reduce all damage by the Wasteland’s Effective Azoth, and add its Effective Azoth to their Rank to resist the effects of supernatural powers.

    Lithargous Body (oo)
    Cost: None (1 Willpower) Dice Pool: None
    Just as certain alchemical operations live behind a litharge- a strange film of waste scum -the body of the Pandoran produces a layer of ashen filth that hangs in the air around it, a remnant of the calcified Flux that protected it in Dormancy. This cloud inflicts the moderate Sick Tilt on anyone who comes within (Rank) yards of the Pandoran, unless they are holding their breath or otherwise do not need to breathe. The Pandoran may intensify the cloud to the grave Sick Tilt for a scene by spending a point of Willpower.

    Zeus’ Benediction (oo)
    Prerequisite: Sublimatus or Centimani
    Cost: 1+ Pyros Dice Pool: None Action: Instant
    When spawning a new Pandoran, either through their natural Division or from a deeply depraved Promethean generative ritual, their creator may invest in them to make their children more powerful and deeply loyal. At the moment of ‘birth’ the creator may spend a point of Pyros per +1 Rank they wish their child to be, up to a maximum of the creator’s Rank-1 (or Azoth/2 rounded up -1 for Centimani). This must be spent individually per Pandoran spawned, up to a maximum of their Pyros expenditure per turn.

    Pandora’s Lament (ooo)
    Cost: None Dice Pool: None
    The Flux that powers a Pandoran is a force of irrepressible entropy and chaos- it cannot help but to bring out the worst in people. Some Pandorans emphasize this aspect of Flux more than most. A Pandoran with this Dread Power gives off a kind of Radiance as though they possessed Azoth equal to their Rank. All those within the range of the Pandoran’s Radiance suffers the effects of the Soulless Condition, which resolves when the Pandoran is killed or the characters get out of range. Prometheans within range of the Pandoran’s Radiance must immediately roll to resist Torment, and may only regain Willpower through their Torment while within range of the Pandoran. Should the Pandoran spend any length of time within a Wasteland, the effect spreads to the full range of the Wasteland, if that would be greater than their pseudo-Radiance.

    Nightmare Plague (ooo)
    Cost: None Dice Pool: None
    Pandoran Disquiet is usually sudden, traumatic, and visceral, driven by Flux to immediately taint and warp their unwitting victims. A Pandoran with this Dread Power, however, leaks their Diquiet, and the taint of Flux, slowly out over an area. Treat the Pandoran as though they had Azothic Radiance equal to their Rank. All those within range of the Pandoran’s Radiance must roll Resolve + Composure when they sleep or suffer debilitating nightmares, gaining no Willpower from rest and suffering the Paranoid Condition. Promethean victims who fail the Resolve + Composure roll gain no benefit from sleeping near the element of their Lineage.

    Crazed Evolution (ooo)
    Cost: None Dice Pool: None
    Flux is a fount of rampant mutation, its very presence causing riotous change and flesh warping. Every week the Pandoran remains in a Wasteland, a number of bizarre warped creatures equal to the Pandoran’s Rank appear, which means they can rapidly overrun an area with mad spawn. The Pandoran has no control over the bounty of mutation, but the changes are likely to reflect its nature.
    Each warped creature possesses the following traits:
    • All Attributes are increased or decreased by one
    • It gains one of: +1 to natural weaponry, a point of armor, a new sense, or a new form of locomotion (wings, climbing, burrowing, etc.)
    • It gains a Dread Power
    • All attempts to use the Animal Ken Skill on it suffer a penalty equal to the Pandoran’s Rank.
    Should the Pandoran also possess the Beastmaster Dread Power, it may immediately summon all creatures warped by its presence to its side and command them.

    Swallow (oooo)
    Cost: 1 Pyros Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival (+Azoth) Action: Extended (1 minute/roll)
    In alchemy, it is said that pure substances may consume that which is less pure, destroying them without being themselves altered. With this Dread Power, the Pandoran may consume objects far too large to fit into their throat, storing them in an alchemical paste inside them. By spending a point of Pyros to catalyze the process, the Pandoran begins to excrete acidic humors, breaking down the object over the course of several minutes (Target Number is equal to the Size of the object). The Pandoran may choose to destroy the object once it is devoured, but it will remain safe indefinitely in their stomachs. They can regurgitate the object at any time, taking a minute to reverse the process, or they may spend a point of Willpower to puke it up instantly. A Pandoran may hold any number of objects within itself, but only so long as they do not exceed the total Size of the Pandoran itself.

    Malleate (ooooo)
    Cost: None Dice Pool: Dexterity + Medicine (+Azoth) Action: Extended (1 minute/roll)
    Flux is the ultimate alchemical solvent, degrading everything down to its most basic form and causing wildly explosive reactions along the way. That aspect of Flux has become so ingrained in the Pandoran’s nature it affects everything they touch. In order to use this Dread Power, the Pandoran needs the character to be unresisting or restrained. For every minute of work (provided the roll is successful) they may shift one Attribute dot to another, or may convert an Attribute dot into one of the following:
    • A point of Armor
    • A 1L natural weapon
    • A sense the victim does not normally possess (echolocation, infrared vision, etc.)
    • A Dread Power suited to the change
    If the Pandoran also possesses the Mutation Alembic, they may channel the power of that Alembic through this Dread Power, enabling them to target others with it. In such a case they must make a touch attack and use an appropriate roll.

    Flay Soul (ooooo)
    Cost: 3 Pyros Dice Pool: Special (see below) Action: Instant
    The Pandoran is more than capable of stealing souls, perhaps for sustenance, perhaps for its own sick amusement. No two Pandorans who use this Dread Power use it in the same way, and so each Pandoran must have some special condition or restriction in order to use it. Once the restriction is met, they may spend three points of Pyros, and roll as though performing a Lacuna. If the creature succeeds, the victim suffers the Soulless Condition. The Pandoran can then do with the soul what they will. Most devour it as an alternative means of acquiring Vitriol. For every hour they spend devouring the soul, they gain a Vitriol Beat. For every amount of Vitriol Beats harvested equal to the Willpower of the soul’s owner, the soul loses a dot of Integrity. When the soul’s Integrity is reduced to 0, the soul has been completely subsumed.


    Incorruptible (oo)
    Prerequisite: Composure 3
    Effect: The unrelenting tide of Flux eats away at a Promethean’s progress on the Pilgrimage. Pandorans devour Vitriol, Torment sabotages relationships, and actions that could make you stumble turn you backwards along the Pilgrimage. A Promethean with this Merit is not so easily turned aside. A Promethean with this Merit gains a +2 bonus to all Breaking Points on their Pilgrimage and to rolls to resist Torment. Pandorans attacking them also find that their actions targeting that character have a -2 penalty.

    Multi-Limbed Combat (Fighting Style; o - oooo)
    Prerequisite: More than two prehensile limbs, Brawl or Weaponry 2, Dexterity 3, Athletics 3
    Effect: While not all the inhabitants of the Chronicles of Darkness are skilled combatants, some of them have developed unique fighting styles to take advantage of their unorthodox biology. For the purpose of this Merit, ‘limbs’ refers to those body parts that end in hands.
    Outnumbered (o): Fighting an opponent with more than two limbs is simply out of the experience of most foes, allowing your character to effortlessly block and parry attacks. For every limb over two, add +1 to your Defense.
    Manhandle (oo): Having more than two arms to wrestle with an opponent can make combat that much easier. The character gains the 8-again quality to all grappling rolls.
    Protected Attack (ooo): One of the benefits of additional limbs is the ability to avoid leaving yourself open when taking what would be- for a normal person -a great risk. Characters with this maneuver may take one action that would normally deny them their Defense and still apply Defense for that turn. However, since this necessitates using some of their additional limbs to cover themselves, this maneuver doesn’t stack with Bountiful Blows- the next level of the Fighting Style.
    Bountiful Blows (oooo): The character’s limbs allow them to rain blows upon their enemies, enabling them to handle groups with great finesse. The character’s hand-to-hand attacks gain the Autofire quality. Substitute number of bullets for the approximate number of limbs.

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    Awesome! Think you might update the Dust Devil Transmutations in Dark Eras too?

    Check out my expansion to the Realm of Brass and Shadow


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      Nice job on the conversions xD Part of me had been wondering when someone would port the remaining Pandoran Transmutations.over to 2E. Plus, I have been wondering how to handle giving dome Dread Powers from CofD and Werewolf to Pandorans.

      Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
      Awesome! Think you might update the Dust Devil Transmutations in Dark Eras too?
      You mean the Hollow Bestowments? If so, I have a conversion in my Homebrew Bestowments thread.
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        Originally posted by Deionscribe View Post
        You mean the Hollow Bestowments? If so, I have a conversion in my Homebrew Bestowments thread.
        Actually, there were some Pandoran Trasmutations in the Promethean Dark Eras.


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          Ah. Noted. Thanks for clearing that up.

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            glamourweaver as requested, here's the Dust Devil Transmutations done as Dread Powers. I made a call to make Withering Touch a 'one and done' Dread Power, without needing to worry about different levels for it. More importantly, I also decided to have it interact with Wastelands in one way or another, because something I've been noticing through Promethean is that Wastelands and Disquiet, while more manageable, are also far more present and coherent.

            Wastelands, for example, come across quite clearly as Flux poisoning the landscape from an excess of Azothic radiation, so it makes a lot of sense for Pandoran Dread Powers (and the Alembics of Flux) to interact with Wastelands and Disquiet quite a bit. Perhaps most importantly, a lot of Dread Powers prefer Willpower costs to Pyros costs, and I've been keeping that going because spending less Pyros means Pandorans can stay active for much longer.


            Withering Touch (ooo)
            Cost: None (1 Willpower) Dice Pool: Strength + Resolve Action: Instant
            Pandorans are imbued with Flux, the fire of entropy and decay. A Pandoran with this Dread Power can focus that fire outwards into an ultraviolet flame that causes just about any material to wither and die. For each success on a roll, they inflict a point of Lethal or Structure damage. This attack ignores Durability, but not Armor. When attacking a Promethean (or a human, in the case of sublimati) they still harvest Pyros as per usual. By spending a point of Willpower and touching the earth in a Wasteland, they may multiply the period of time it takes for the Wasteland to fade by the number of successes. This has the side effect of killing all crops and other plant life in the Wasteland. By touching a source of water and doing the same, they turn it into a poison with a Toxicity equal to their Rank for a number of months equal to the successes. Roll for damage once per day.

            Ghost Eater (ooo)
            Cost: 1 Willpower Dice Pool: Strength + Resolve - Resistance Action: Instant
            All Pandorans infect the physical world with their presence, but some are so potent that they can infect the immaterial realms as well. Although they cannot affect Spirits, the Pandoran is more than capable of affecting ghosts, which share an affinity with the chaotic, entropic energies of Flux. A captured ghost grants the Pandoran strength, power, and focus. The Pandoran is capable of seeing and interacting with ghost-aligned Twilight. They also gain the following benefits:
            • The Pandoran adds the ghost’s Finesse rating to their Intelligence. If this increases the Pandoran’s Intelligence over 2, then they are considered a sublimatus for the duration of the ghost’s imprisonment. Sometimes, at Storyteller discretion, the creature remains a sublimatus thereafter. If the ghost’s Finesse would take them over their maximum Intelligence based on Rank, they gain the 8-again quality to all rolls using Intelligence.
            • The Pandoran may also benefit from the ghost’s natural capabilities. It may use any Numen the ghost possesses- this always costs 1 Pyros.
            • The Pandoran knows everything the ghost did in life, but how its alien intelligence interprets and uses this information varies. They gain a point of the Residual Memory Merit for every dot of Rank the ghost possesses.
            Once per day, the Pandoran may draw on the ghost for sustenance, draining a point of Essence to substitute the point of Pyros it needs to remain active. When the ghost’s Essence pool is emptied, the ghost is considered completely consumed. The Pandoran may imprison a number of ghosts with a total Rank no greater than twice their own. These ghosts are always visible on the Pandoran’s body, perhaps as lanterns, chain-wrapped boxes, or tormented faces twisting through the Pandoran’s flesh.

            Discorporation (ooooo)
            Cost: 1 Willpower (1 Pyros) Dice Pool: None Action: Reflexive
            In order to escape destruction, or simply to escape, the Pandoran transmutes its body into any number of things. It could become a flock of birds, a putrid mist, a pool of blood, a swarm of insects, or a self-contained sentient dust storm. They continue to move at their Speed, and if their form of discorporation allows for flight, they may fly at their Speed. Should the Pandoran spend a point of Pyros they may maintain this altered state indefinitely, and may continue to interact with the world, using the lower of their unmodified Strength or their Rank as Strength.


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              I'm definitely going to keep this bookmarked for inspiration for The Lightning Chronicle.


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                Some Promethean/Alchemist related Merits I pulled together. Based off of Virtuous and Vice-Ridden, respectively.

                Hopeful (oo)
                Prerequisite: Promethean or Alchemist
                Effect: The characters gains an Elpis. In the case of a Promethean, it is another ideal to aspire to, another facet of humanity that brings they joy and catharsis whether seen or experienced. It brings relief on the Pilgrimage. For an Alchemist, it is their own humanity writ large by the Divine Fire, their impulses and better nature expanded in exceptionally grandiose ways.

                Tormented (oo)
                Prerequisite: Promethean or Alchemist
                Effect: The character gains a Torment. In the case of a Promethean, it is something else that distances them from the mortals they live with, something else that emphasizes their inhuman nature. In an Alchemist, a Torment is a crack in the foundation of their personality, something Flux grabbed a hold of and struck a wedge through. An Alchemist with this Merit can fall into Torment, gaining the appropriate Condition, which is far harder to resolve for them than it would be for a Promethean.


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                  Umm, don't alchemists have Virtues and Vices like normal humans? I thought Elpis/Torment was a Promethean thing, effectively marking the origin and destination of the Pilgrimage.


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                    Normally, yes, it's a Promethean-only Anchor. Alchemists get Virtues and Vices like every other human out there. The idea of Hopeful and Tormented was similar to the train of thought for Virtuous and Vice-Ridden, and the Alchemist section mentions that, with Vitriol-based potions, they can often gain Merits that they don't have the proper prerequisites for- usually by warping their bodies and minds. I figured these Merits would be no different, and decided to write a little fluff on what that means for an Alchemist as opposed to a Promethean.


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                      Hmm. I'm pretty sure there are some Dread Powers in 1E Hunter that could be reskinned for use by Pandorans. The same could be said for the Tolling Endowment in Skin and Bones, seeing as I am imagining a conversion of it.

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                        Have the creators said anything about doing something about the z-splat Athanors from 1e? They're tied to Lineage, but text from 1e says that any Promethean can develop any Athanor. Their text also suggests that they are tied to the job/role the Promethean wants to fulfill when they become human, which sounds more like something tied to Refinement. I've been toying with an idea of translating the 1e Athanors as a z-splat called Zodiacs or Constellations- astrology played a major role in medieval alchemy, so it sounds appropriate. Depending on Lineage, some Prometheans have an instinctive connection to certain Zodiacs, but any Promethean can adopt any Zodiac, assuming they have completed the Refinement linked to the Zodiac. Thoughts?


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                          Originally posted by Haberdasher View Post
                          Have the creators said anything about doing something about the z-splat Athanors from 1e?
                          Yes! They said "they will not be in the new edition." Here's the open development post about it:

                          Most of the 1E Athanors were not great, IMO. There are very few that I would want to see adapted to 2E, except maybe the one from Astral Realms that lets you do Astral stuff.

                          Zodiac makes me think of a constant star that stays with the character even as they change Refinements and Roles, some kind of affirmation of their basic nature that goes beyond any one Refinement or even Lineage. That could be a cool direction to take it in. Given that your Transmutations change as you switch between Refinements (unless you buy them), I think there's room for a trait that's unrelated to that change. The obvious design space would be to make Zodiacs one of the types of 2E Athanor that you can choose to create once you complete a Refinement, we could use more of those that PCs might make rather than find somewhere.

                          2E Legacy Updates
                          Brotherhood of the Demon Wind
                          Choir of Hashmallim (plus extra Summoning content)
                          Storm Keepers


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                            Originally posted by Caladriu View Post

                            Yes! They said "they will not be in the new edition." Here's the open development post about it:

                            Most of the 1E Athanors were not great, IMO. There are very few that I would want to see adapted to 2E, except maybe the one from Astral Realms that lets you do Astral stuff.

                            Zodiac makes me think of a constant star that stays with the character even as they change Refinements and Roles, some kind of affirmation of their basic nature that goes beyond any one Refinement or even Lineage. That could be a cool direction to take it in. Given that your Transmutations change as you switch between Refinements (unless you buy them), I think there's room for a trait that's unrelated to that change. The obvious design space would be to make Zodiacs one of the types of 2E Athanor that you can choose to create once you complete a Refinement, we could use more of those that PCs might make rather than find somewhere.
                            Yes, reading through the 1e Athanors, I definitely got a tacked-on, "we're doing this because all our games have z-splats, and this is what we came up with" vibe, which was basically confirmed by that open dev post. But I like the idea of z-splats; they're another chance for character customization with potential mechanical benefits. And yes, the idea of Prometheans having a quality about themselves that is chosen but fixed, unlike fixed-but-innate Lineage and chosen-but-temporary Refinement. A bit of personal identity amidst the ever-changing personas of Roles.

                            I agree that the 1e Athanors would need a major overhaul, both in fluff and in mechanics. I might come to it at some point, but that will probably be way down the road. I still have my vampire bloodlines to get through, and part of me also wants to try my hand at werewolf lodges and mage legacies, too. I don't think Zodiacs would be as in-depth as a bloodline or legacy, but it could definitely be interesting to try.


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                              2e already has z-splats; and like 1e's z-splats, they're focused on human nature. However, they're based on Refinements rather than Lineages; and instead of being permanent, they're even more transitory than Refinements are. I am, of course, referring to Roles.

                              As for 1e's Athanors, my own approach is to disassemble them and use the pieces to enhance various parts of 2e. A 1e-style Athanor consists of four parts:

                              1. The Vitriol Fount (though it wasn't called that), where you stored Vitriol and use it to generate Reagent which could then be used to suppress Disquiet and otherwise make your Pilgrimage more comfortable. 2e also has an Athanor for storing Vitriol; but that's all it does. I use 1e's rules for Reagent as an enhancement of 2e's Vitriol Fount.

                              2. Affinity Traits that you could spend Vitriol on. I attach that mechanic to Roles, which otherwise are almost completely devoid of mechanics.

                              3. Promethean Boons. As fascinating as 2e's Transmutations are, they're surprisingly rigid: every power that a Promethean has, save one, is one of four escalating Distillments (costing 0 to 3 Pyros) of one of four Alembics of one of fifteen Transmutations that you're granted access to by your choice of Refinement, with each Refinement having two Transmutations associated with it. This means that adding one new Distillment requires adding at least three others, assuming you're willing to let an existing Transmutation have more than four Alembics. If you're not, then you need to devise sixteen powers all at once plus, most likely, a new Refinement for the new Transmutation. That's a lot of work.

                              The one exception is the solitary Bestowment that every Promethean gets from its Lineage, which is rigid in its own way. What I do is to replace the notion of the Bestowment with the Boon, a Lineage-based power system that's tied to your Azoth. A Bestowment is a Boon that you can take at Azoth 1; the Promethean Boons from 1e's Athanor become Boons that you can take after that: you get one free Boon associated with your Lineage every two dots of Azoth after the first, or you can spend a Vitriol Experience to take an out-of-Lineage Boon instead. These Boons are fueled by Pyros, not Reagent.

                              4. Redeemed Boons: in 1e, you traded in your Promethean Boon for your Redeemed Boon when you achieved the New Dawn. This hasn't come up yet; but what I intend to do in 2e is to allow a Promethean who achieves an Exceptional Success on his New Dawn roll to choose any one Redeemed Boon from 1e's Athanors in addition to the usual benefits.
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