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    Originally posted by Dataweaver View Post
    2e already has z-splats; and like 1e's z-splats, they're focused on human nature. However, they're based on Refinements rather than Lineages; and instead of being permanent, they're even more transitory than Refinements are. I am, of course, referring to Roles.
    To me, "z-splat" means something you can go an entire Chronicle without picking up. I'm not entirely sure that Roles count as that, since taking a Refinement requires taking at least one Role associated with that Refinement. You don't need to take every Role in a Refinement, but you need to take at least one. So they are close to a z-splat, but I would not call them the same thing.

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      More Pandoran Transmutations converted into Dread Powers.

      Crucible of Flesh (••••)
      In the alchemist’s crucible are his materials rendered down, through the principle of heat. A Pandoran can transform his very body into a crucible, exuding tremendous heat and destroying matter by touch.

      Cost: 1 Pyros
      Dice Pool: Presence + Occult
      Action: Reflexive

      The Pandoran inflicts lethal damage equal to its Rank plus a number of points equal to successes on the activation roll. This Dread Power can only be activated if it is making physical contact with its target, and it deals an additional point of damage if it is doing so with a significant portion of its body.

      Frog Tongue (••)
      The tongue of the Pandoran with this Transformation is a grossly swollen, prehensile thing of several feet in length. Though it can be retracted — usually into a throat pouch of some sort — its presence is very obvious. The speech of those with such a thing is quite slurred and thick, and the mouths of such Pandorans produce prodigious amounts of sticky saliva.

      Cost: None
      Dice Pool: None
      Action: None

      The Pandoran possesses a long, thickly muscled tongue covered in both raspy flesh and a slightly sticky saliva coating, allowing it to be used for a variety of purposes. When using its tongue to accomplish most physical endeavors where an additional limb will assist it (climbing, grappling and other physical undertakings), the Pandoran a +3 bonus for the effort.

      The tongue itself can be used as a hand on its own, but it loses two dice from Dexterity-based dice pools. It can also be used to inflict bashing damage with a normal attack, at a base dice pool of Strength + Brawl with no modifiers.

      Tarflesh (•• or •••)
      The flesh of some Pandorans exudes a sticky, tar-like resin. Such Pandorans are tremendous grapplers and climbers, capable of sticking to both foes and surfaces with great ability.

      Cost: None (1 Pyros)
      Dice Pool: None (Strength + Athletics)
      Action: None (Instant)

      Pandorans with this Transmutation gain a +4 bonus to Athletics rolls involving climbing, as well as a +4 bonus to rolls to instigate or maintain a grapple. They lose two dice on rolls to try to free themselves from a grapple, however. With a Strength + Athletics roll, it can hurl this resin from its body as a projectile. In addition to inflicting damage, it can be treated as a flammable substance, and any fires used to ignite it have an additional damage modifier equal to the Pandoran's Rank.

      At three dots, the Pandoran has control over when it produces the resin. It can render this Dread Power inactive at no cost, though its body remains resinous for a scene. Tarflesh can be invoked afterwards with the expenditure of Pyros.

      Wings (••• to •••••)
      A set of wings sprouts from the Pandoran’s back. These wings vary dramatically among Pandorans. Some have wings of feathers in a variety of colors, others have leathery chiropteran wings, and some even have the massive gossamer wings of giant locusts or dragonflies.

      Cost: None (or 1 Willpower)
      Dice Pool: None
      Action: None (or Instant)

      With the two-dot version, the Pandoran can fly at his normal Speed. The four-dot version of the Dread Power doubles this, while the five-dot version allows the Pandoran to spend a Willpower point to retract the wings into its body. This change is permanent until it chooses to sprout them back at no cost.
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