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Understanding 2E: Are Wastelands really tiny now?

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  • Understanding 2E: Are Wastelands really tiny now?

    My memories of 1E are a bit fuzzy at this point, but IIRC, the (admittedly convoluted) wasteland rules there defined them as consisting of up to five bands of intensity, each (Azoth) in miles radius. While I've never gotten the privilege of running a Promethean game, I do love them so, and I always end up incorporating them into my other campaigns as NPCs, somehow. That wastelands could be pretty expansive, even while running at relatively low levels of effect, has always served me well as a great hook.

    I'm trying to make sense of the 2E rules. The starting size, up until Azoth *7*, is no larger than a single building. With sufficient Festering, a Wasteland generated by an Azoth 3 Promethean could, eventually, expand to this point, though only at the greatest level of severity before a Firestorm kicks in. This seems.. really, really tiny! Is this reading correct?

    (Yeah, I know, rule of cool for your table and whatnot, particularly as NPCs, but I prefer to observe the spirit of the text whenever possible.)

    Other than this particular concern, I'm really enjoying this edition, and I'm more inspired than ever to try to wrestle it to the table, someday.

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    It's a change designed to make Prometheans more playable as PCs.


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      And to allow a game to take place in a single city, even if you screw up a few times and create Wastelands.

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        They are definitely smaller in 2E, and as an ST, I feel that it's a big improvement.

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          I'm still inclined to lean up toward neighborhood scale when it starts getting bad instead of a single building. It should be something that creates a real problem for surrounding people leading to conflict for an over sedentary, power-expending, Promethean, as opposed to just messing with their house.

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            Mm. Yeah, I favor larger areas, but then again I'm also considering decoupling Wastelands from Extreme Environments because I know full blown Wastelands are supposed to be dramatic and all that but the lethality of Extreme Environments shoots up dramatically at level 3, to the point that it will kill everyone who doesn't leave within the day, and it'll stay that way for a week -minimum-.

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              I'm pretty surprised Wasteland wasn't just an environmental Tilt, to be honest.

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                Originally posted by Charlaquin View Post
                I'm pretty surprised Wasteland wasn't just an environmental Tilt, to be honest.
                Charlaquin, how would you then treated it, instead of Extreme Environments?

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