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Dark Eras: A Handful of Dust

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  • Dark Eras: A Handful of Dust

    A new pilgrimage begins!

    I think it's pretty cool that OP is releasing the dark eras chapters individually. It certainly will help for those people who don't want the entire book or have limited budgets. What I also just realized is that this way we can find out who wrote and did the art for individual chapters if they aren't active on the forums. May be interesting.
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    This is the same as what's in the Dark areas book? It's not updated for 2E or anything like that?

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      So now, old-home week in NOLA is over, the summer of conventions has passed, our projects begin to move forward again, and so does Onyx Path. This week, we are putting up for sale one of the Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras chapters as a discrete PoD physical booklet to see if folks would enjoy being able to get physical copies of just the chapters they are most interested in. We’ll be putting up these Dark Eras chapters when we can, as we see how this experiment goes. This week, it’s A Handful of Dust, thePromethean Dark Era.

      haven't read the era, but it'd be cool if they were updating eras to 2e as they did this, though that might make some of us feel a bit cheated... at least if they didn't offer the backers/buyers a discounted rate... I haven't read a handful of dust, but given the state of promethean at the time I'm going to assume that it may have largely been based on 2e anyways? could be wrong.

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        No, it was written long before 2e was firmed up.

        Now, with that said, apart from the fact that the Hollow Lineage has its own breed of associated Pandoran, there's not a heck of a lot that I think would change.