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Alchemist concept: Regretful Redeemed

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  • Alchemist concept: Regretful Redeemed

    Mentions of alchemist character ideas and "Redeemed" (though I wouldn't use that term) becoming alchemists have me an idea for either an alchemist character who could work with a Promethean Throng or a helpful NPC: a Promethean who completed the Pilgrimage only to find humanity hollow, who began to miss both the powers of their previous state and the desperate camaraderie they formed with other Created, who studied alchemy again in the hopes of reversing their Pilgrimage (though they'd probably become some sort of Deviant) and aiding other Prometheans.

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    Intriguing idea, will look interested in this topic if you will have more to add.

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      Sounds like a perfectly good idea to me. I actually had one game where one of the main villains was a Redeemed character that grew to hate being human. The character became president of the United States, helped cause the apocalypse, and sacrificed his own family in his quest for immortality. That was where the chronicle began. I could easily see someone similarly disillusioned with humanity that doesn't choose the evil path out of it.

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        I kind of want to make them a gangster, just because Promethean has always made me think of Goodfellas: I can totally imagine a Redeemed standing outside his suburban house and thinking "Now I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook."