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Opus: Z-Splats for Prometheans

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  • Opus: Z-Splats for Prometheans

    So, another thing I've been working on. Inspired by the old, 1E Athanors, and Changeling 2E Entitlements, an Opus is meant to be a unique alchemical working generated by Prometheans as practice for the Great Work and achieving the New Dawn. In practice, they're essentially just Athanors with some nifty powers and the potential for unique abilities themed within the framework of 'Enlightentment Superpowers' (WARNING- TVTropes incoming: )

    In concept, I think it's a cool idea, but I have absolutely no idea how to set up any particular examples beyond converting 1E Athanors. If anyone has any suggestions on examples using this material, or stuff that can improve the mechanics or the concept, I'm all ears.



    “As Above, So Below” is the common proverb, but a far less common one in alchemical writings follows it: “As Within, So Without”. Transmutations are representative of this fact, they are the physical proof that the philosophical framework of a Refinement works; it changes something within the Promethean, enabling them to express this in the world and in others. Vitriol is a substance made from epiphany and enlightenment, and Athanors are a way to distill that essence in order to share it with other Created. However, some Prometheans seek to practice more complicated alchemical operations before attempting the Great Work, that final, greatest Transmutation. They perform smaller works, an Opus, before attempting the Magnum Opus.

    An Opus is a unique Athanor, a blending of a Promethean’s own experiences and beliefs, the philosophy of Refinement and Role, and the intensity of Azoth. These can be represented by different Traits, including Azoth, Attributes, Skills, completed Roles, Merits, Pilgrimage rating, and calcified Alembics. The effects of the Opus are scaled depending on the number of traits that go into it.
    Cost Benefit
    2-10 A Merit equal to double the trait prerequisite
    2 A +1 to rolls with a specific Skill, or +3 to rolls in a specific situation
    4 A power equivalent to a Bestowment or Refinement Condition
    5+ A unique power, as approved by the Storyteller
    6 Access to a unique Alembic

    An Opus doesn’t need to be a physical object; it can be a brand, marking, or even a location. Some Opuses are objects, and as such, can be shared or passed on amongst the Created- heirlooms of disparate Lineages. Others are locations, blessing whoever enters them that carries the Divine Fire, Created, Alchemist, and Mockery alike. And still others are tattoos and markings, meant only for a personal Pilgrimage, and perhaps for those students of a Created master.

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